Best Ashtray Finds of 2024: Styles and Functionality Combined

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I’ve lit up many a cigar and over time, I’ve collected a whole bunch of ashtrays. Trust me when I say that the ashtray finds of 2024 are where style and functionality are spooning like cozy campers in a tent.

They’ve got the jazz to jazz up any smoke session.

Nowadays, you’re not just buying an ashtray; you’re investing in a statement piece. So, let’s dive in and find that perfect centerpiece for your next cigar rendezvous, steeped in my smoky wisdom of hands-on experience.

Expert Picks for Top Ashtrays

You know I’ve been elbows deep in ashtrays, and the experts agree, we’ve found some real treasures.

I’m talking the Lependor Ceramic Ashtray with lids, outdoor ashtrya that can brave the wild, smokeless ashtray for a friendlier home environment, and a Tesonway Cigar Ashtray that’s like a Swiss army knife for your stogies.

Looking for something that doesn’t flee in windy situations? A windproof ashtray with lid will be your best buddy.

For the seekers of splendour, nothing says “cool ashtray” like metal ashtray selections or the sparkle of glass ashtrays perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Arturo Fuente Journey through time Ashtray

Arturo Fuente Journey through time Ashtray

The Arturo Fuente Journey Through Time Ashtray isn’t just a place to flick your ash—it’s a voyage back to the heyday of sumptuous smokes.

My own time using this ashtray speaks volumes; it’s got the depth to cradle my cigar’s leavings all while showcasing the Fuente family’s legacy. A must-own for any serious aficionado who digs tradition and class.

Polished Metal Grid Ashtray

Polished Metal Grid Ashtray

This Polished Metal Grid Ashtray doesn’t kid around—its sleek design ain’t just a pretty face, it’s got the chops for the job.

The tempered beveled glass top makes it tough enough to face the elements, while its polished look throws in some high-end swank to your smoking arena.

My experience with this one? Impeccable. It’s stood by me through many an evening puff.

Stinky Cigar Ashtray Tall/Deep

Stinky Cigar Ashtray Tall/Deep

Now, when folks hear “Stinky”, they might back off, but this Stinky Cigar Ashtray Tall/deep will keep ’em coming back. It’s like the Grand Canyon of cigar ashtrays, with room to spare and a style that screams ‘modern’.

I’ve hurled some hefty ash loads in there, and it’s taken ’em like a champ every single time. One ashtray to rule them all, folks.

Polished Metal Rectangular Ashtray

Polished Metal Rectangular Ashtray

The Polished Metal Rectangular Ashtray—It ain’t about flamboyance; it’s about finesse, folks. When I got my hands on it, the weight and feel just said ‘premium’ without shouting it, know what I mean?

With a tempered glass top, it’s tough, heavy-duty, and the ideal sidekick for a night of serious smoking.

Material Matters: What Defines Quality in an Ashtray

Over the years, I’ve figured out that the right material can make or break an ashtray experience. Take it from a guy who’s gone through more ashtrays than hot dinners.

Whether it’s the hefty feel of tabletop ashtrays or the commanding presence of a standing ashtray, material matters.

Silicone Ashtrays: Flexible and Durable

Silicone ashtrays are the new kids on the block; they’re flexible, they can take a hit and still look as cool as the other side of the pillow. Plus, cleaning them is a breeze.

Trust me, these are the MVPs for those looking to keep their smoking game tight and right.

Maplefield Silicone Ashtray with Compartments

Maplefield Silicone Ashtray with Compartments is my top-shelf pick for the connoisseur who loves organization. Those compartments are clutch for keeping your smoking gear in line.

Plus, this bad boy has heat resistance like a firefighter – I’ve seen it face down flaming stogies and not even flinch.

Ceramic Elegance: Adding Style to Practicality

When it comes to ceramic ashtrays, style meets practicality without missing a beat. I’ve seen it myself; a well-crafted ceramic piece is like holding a bit of tradition that’s got its swagger dialed up to eleven.

Lependor Ceramic Ashtray with Lid – Blue

The Lependor Ceramic Ashtray with lid – Blue isn’t just a pretty face. It’s got a windproof design that tackles the great indoors and outdoors with equal élan.

Pop the lid on, and boom, your ash is history, hidden from view and saving you from cleanup duty.

The Timelessness of Glass

Glass ashtrays are like that timeless tune you never skip. Their classic look brings the ritz without the glitz and keeps the focus on your smoking ritual.

Vintage Sahara Hotel Casino Las Vegas Ashtray

This Vintage Sahara Hotel Casino Las Vegas Ashtray isn’t just for show; it’s made to be a standing ashtray among the rows of regulars.

With undeniable presence, it harkens back to the days where every puff was an event, stamped with the glitz of old Vegas.

Strength and Sleekness of Steel

There’s something about steel’s strength that gives it an edge in the ashtray world. When you’ve got one of these bad boys, you know it’s gonna last longer than that chewed-up cigar butt.

INONE Ashtray with Lid Stainless Windproof

The INONE Ashtray with Lid Stainless Windproof ain’t fazed by a breeze. It’s a fortress for the fastidious smoker who wants their butts battened down. The lid’s the kicker, ensuring your cigarette remains don’t decide to take a walk on the wild side.

Creative and Unique Ashtray Designs

Step aside boring old ashtrays, 2024’s creative spins are all about flair and function. Picture this: designs that are conversation starters, but they don’t skimp on practical use.

Whether you’re looking for something that stands out in a man cave or a conversation piece for your chic lounge area, these ashtrays hit the mark.

The Artistic Touch: Uniquely Crafted Ashtrays

An ashtray ain’t just an ashtray when it’s got that artisan touch. Imagine something that’s as much about craftsmanship as it is about catching ash.

These pieces are meant to impress and express, offering a visual treat while serving their smoky purpose.

Rowing Blazers Harry’s New York Bar Ashtray

Take a chunk of Big Apple history and mix it with a dash of trendy prep style, and you’ve got the Rowing Blazers Harry’s New York Bar ashtray.

It’s not just about flicking ash; it’s about holding onto a piece of iconic bar culture. This one’s perfect for those late-night whiskey and cigar sessions with the crew.

Innovation Meets Tradition

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 2024’s innovative ashtrays blend tradition with a slice of modern-day genius.

For anyone who’s ever thought a cigar’s resting place could be practical and look dope doing it, the latest designs are a breath of fresh air.

Comfify Cast Iron Cigar Ashtray Brown

This Comfify metal ashtray takes you back to the days of old-school class with its cast iron construction, sporting a timeless vintage look that can’t be ignored.

But don’t think it’s all about looks; this powerhouse can handle your smoking sessions while adding a masculine charm to your setup.

Multi-functional Ashtrays

In 2024, ashtrays aren’t just ashtrays—they’re multitasking mavens. We’re talking clever designs featuring built-in compartments, secret stashes, and more.

Smokers, rejoice! Your ashtray now does more than just catch ash; it’s a sidekick that keeps your smoking essentials organized.

Tesonway Cigar Ashtray with Accessories Drawer

The Tesonway cigar ashtray isn’t just any ashtray; it’s a sleek haven for holding cigars and keeping your prized lighters and cutters in a nifty drawer beneath.

It’s like the Swiss Army knife of ashtrays, perfect for the aficionado who appreciates convenience and style in one package.

Eco-Friendly and Novelty Options

2024’s ashtrays are getting a green makeover, and I’m not just talking about color. Eco-friendly options are now all the rage, catering to conscious smokers who like their habits served with a side of sustainability.

And for those who love a little whimsy, the novelty selections are seriously fun.

Grovind Plastic Ashtrays Pack of 4 Colors

The Grovind ashtrays come in a pack of 4 colors mixed, perfect for both indoor or outdoor use. They’re like the life of the party but for smokers.

Easy to clean, resistant to a rowdy game night, and colorful enough to brighten up any smoking area or garden gathering.

The Ashtray for Every Occasion

Consider this an all-access pass to the ultimate ashtray variety show. From the highest end of elegance to the chill vibes of everyday use, there’s a hero for every scenario—and for every smoker.

No matter the occasion, there’s an ashtray waiting to save the day, or at least save the furniture.

Formal and High-End Selections

When the company’s fancy or you’re feeling swanky, nothing says high-end like an ashtray that could double as a sculptural masterpiece.

Go ahead, elevate that smoking experience to an art form; your esteemed guests (and your cigars) will thank you.

Eden Power Corp Grey Jeune Tom Edition Harkonnen Spiked Ashtray

This spiked wonder is no run-of-the-mill ashtray; it’s a conversation starter and a stately symbol of style.

The Eden Power Corp ashtray, with its aggressive design, is the rebel in the room—perfect for when you need your smoking accessories to make a statement as bold as your choice of cigar.

Casual and Everyday Use

Let’s be real, not every day is a gala day. For those laid-back smoke breaks where you just want to put your feet up, there’s a cool ashtray for that.

Easy to use, easy to clean, and chill enough to fit into any casual setting, they’re like your trusty old smoking buddy.

Hcssade Wooden Ashtray with Lid for Smokers

Nothing beats the classic, earthy feel of a wooden ashtray. It’s not just cool; it’s cool in a ‘feels like home’ way. The Hcssade brings that vibe, offering both indoor and outdoor versatility.

Plus, with a lid to keep the elements at bay, it’s keeping you and your stogies covered.

Outdoor and Windproof Solutions

Don’t let a little wind snuff out your smoke time. Outdoor and windproof ashtrays are stepping up, locking in those ashes even when Mother Nature gets all huffy.

It’s about uninterrupted relaxation, because a good cigar and fresh air go together like Sundays and football.

Houseplant Ashtray Set

Got a green thumb and like a good smoke? The Houseplant Ashtray Set might just be your cup of tea. It’s not often you find something that spruces up your indoor jungle while giving you a spot to flick your ashes.

Durable and designed with a touch of nature, these bad boys are perfect for enjoying a stogie among your leafy friends. Plus, they’re a cinch to clean, so you can get back to your plants and puffs without hassle.

Aesthetic Value Meets Functionality

When it comes to ashtrays, you want a winner that looks good and does the job. No one’s got time for a pretty piece that can’t handle a bit of ash or a good wind.

A good ashtray is like that trusty friend who’s got your back – reliable and good-looking to boot.

Ashtrays as Decor Pieces

Ashtrays ain’t just for ash; they can class up the joint, too. Imagine a slick, shiny piece on the coffee table – almost feels a shame to dirty it up.

But hey, that’s what they’re for! And with quality that lasts, they’ll be jazzing up your space for years to come.

Viso Project Zodiac Key Tray

Now here’s a piece that’ll have you starstruck – the Viso Project Zodiac Key Tray. It’s more than just a spot to drop your keys or ash; it’s like a little slice of the night sky right in your living room.

Each sign of the zodiac is crafted with care, so whether you’re an Aquarius or a Virgo, you’ve got a personal touch that’s out of this world.

Ashtray Sets for Cohesive Interiors

Got a keen eye for design? Then you’ll love the idea of ashtray sets that tie the room together. It’s like having the right tie to match your suit – it just completes the look. You’re creating a vibe that says, ‘I’ve got style and I know it.’

Stolen Girlfriends Club Black Death Metal Bracelet Heart Ashtray

Looking for something that’s got a bit of edge? The Stolen Girlfriends Club Black Death Metal Bracelet Heart Ashtray screams rock ‘n’ roll.

It’s not your granddad’s ashtray, that’s for sure. This piece is bold, it’s brash, and it’s gonna make a statement wherever you place it. Light up and let your rebel flag fly!

Your Perfect Ashtray Awaits: An In-Depth Look at the Best Choices for 2024

When it’s about finding that ideal ashtray, the game has leveled up in 2024. No longer just smoke collectors, these beauties combine style with practicality—I’m talking decor items that double as centerpieces.

You’ve got your decorative trays that make you look twice to see if they’re for ashes or for show. And if you’re the type to match your ashtray to your color palette, this year’s variety of ashtrays has got you covered like a humidor lid.

From wusifie ash trays that blend old-school aesthetics with modern flair, to stainless steel ashtrays that’ll withstand a bit of rough and tumble—it’s all there.

And let’s not gloss over concrete ashtrays; they’re the trusty heavyweights of ash storage. For the fancier occasions, ashtray sets are in, so you can flip lids and turn heads simultaneously—with a built-in cigarette rest, no less.

Whatever your taste, I’ve seen it all and I’m telling you, your perfect ashtray, the one that’s been haunting your cigar dreams, is out there just waiting to be filled.