3 Best Cigar Humidors Under $100

Last update: 2024

There are several high-quality cigar humidors under $100. That means you can keep your cigar collection nice and fresh without breaking the bank.

The Capri humidor is the best cigar humidor under $100.

It ticks all the boxes in terms of size, build quality, and aesthetics. 

We’ll go over all the best cigar humidors you can get your hands on for $100 or less below. We’ve also included a section on what to look for when choosing a new humidor.

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  • Spanish Cedar
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reliable

These humidors are incredibly easy to maintain and are ridiculously affordable. 


  • Spanish Cedar
  • Compact
  • Neat dividers


rochester humidor
  • Analog hygrometer
  • Reliable
  • Spanish Cedar
3 Best Cigar Humidors Under $100
  • Material: Spanish Cedar
  • Storage Capacity: 35-50 cigars
  • Suitable For: First Humidor/ Accessory Storage

Many seasoned cigar aficionados state that a Capri humidor box is an excellent beginner box for newbies. That’s because these humidors are incredibly easy to maintain and are ridiculously affordable. What’s more, they offer enough storage space for a beginner collection.

Capri has an official 50 cigar rating, but you’ll realistically only be able to fit roughly 35 stogies inside comfortably.

That said, a 35 cigar storage space is plenty if you’re just starting out. All you need is a basic secure enclosure to keep your cigars moist, and you get exactly that with the Capri.

Although a relatively small humidor box, you can still fit in your stogies along with a few cigar accessories.

Depending on the size of your collection, you can store cigars, lighter, cigar cutter, and a few other items inside the box.

If you’re looking for that perfect first humidor box that is reliable and affordable, then consider checking out a Capri humidor. It’s also a perfect gift for a loved one.

  • Material: Spanish Cedar
  • Storage Capacity: 12-100 cigars
  • Suitable For: Small Space/Large Cigar Collections

Desktop humidors are a fantastic choice because they’re compact and easy to maintain.

The Savoy desktop humidor sports a lacquer finish and can keep up to 12 cigars safe.

Meanwhile, the beautiful cedar tray interior provides excellent moisture retention. The wood also contains a fragrant that can seep into your cigar collection.

If you need something a little bigger than a desktop size, Savoy does have more robust options. How many cigars can you fit inside?

The matte finish model can store about 25 cigars and the larger sizes can fit 50-100 stogies.

Inside the humidor is a dependable humidification device along with an analog hygrometer. These components will ensure your favorite cigars inside are kept at the right humidity levels. The fine-grade Spanish cedar lining construction seals the lid shut so no moisture escapes.

Savoy cigar humidors also have neat dividers that make it easier to sort your precious stogies. If you go with a cigar humidor from Savoy, you won’t need to think about investing in a new humidor for several years.

Rochester (Best For Storage Space)

rochester humidor
  • Material: Spanish Cedar
  • Storage Capacity: 25-100 cigars
  • Suitable For: Man Cave/Office

Rochester humidors are known among cigar smokers for being affordable and reliable. You can get a quality humidor for a little under $60.

With this size, you can keep roughly 25 cigars fresh at once.

Rochester has a larger humidor for $80 that has a 100 cigar storage capacity, which is tricky to find with other cheap humidors in this price range. The Spanish cedar lining looks absolutely amazing, and does a fantastic job of retaining a proper relative humidity.

Inside is an analog hygrometer and reservoir that create an optimal environment for storing cigars all year round. What’s more, Rochester is well-known for its reliable products. Their humidors are built to last, and are exceptionally durable.

If you’re looking for an affordable humidor for your home, office, or as a gift, then look no further than Rochester. You can’t find another budget humidor that offers the same quality.

Affordable Travel Humidors

A travel humidor is a great option for on-the-go cigar smoking.

Here are some top-picks for travel cigar humidors under $100:


1. Cigar Caddy

under 100 Cigar Caddy

Do you have nightmares about your cigars getting wet while on the road? If so, all your worries can go up in smoke with the Cigar Caddy travel humidor.

This reliable little case is completely waterproof, and can hold up to 10 large cigars.

The tough mold plastic is incredibly resistant, so you don’t need to be afraid of your stogies getting crushed. Inside the lid is a humidification disc that will provide your cigars with an appropriate moisture level.

The Cigar Caddy is the perfect cigar humidor if you enjoy smoking cigars while camping outdoors. While it doesn’t have a glass top or an accessory storage drawer, it will keep a few separate cigars firmly sealed while you travel.

You also won’t even spend close to $100.


2. Xikar

under 100 Xikar

Xikar is a reputable cigar humidor brand, and for all the right reasons. For starters, their humidors are all about protection. Once your separate cigars are sealed inside, you won’t have to worry about anything happening to them. The durability alone makes this one of the best humidors for travel out there.

You can fit roughly 1 week worth of cigars inside, which should be plenty for short trips.

The Xikar humidor uses a thick foam solution and a tight seal to keep your cigars nice and fresh while on the move. If you only need to keep a few cigars while traveling, then the Xikar is a great humidor to check out.


3. La Libertad

under 100 La Libertad

These high-quality Dominican travel humidors offer just the right amount of protection to justify the low cost.

This compact cigar humidor can fit about 5 different cigars comfortably, and uses a durable finish to protect your stogies from harm.

While it doesn’t have a digital hygrometer or humidification unit, you won’t really need those if you’re only taking your cigars for a few weeks. Given that this cigar humidor is so affordable, it might be smart to get your hands on one to use it as a backup.



What To Look For When Buying a New Cigar Humidor

Whether you’re a new cigar smoker or have been enjoying stogies for several years, it’s crucial that you choose the right humidor to keep your cigars safe.

If you don’t know what the best humidors contain, here are some things to keep your eyes out for:

1. Choose the Right Size

Cigar humidors come in numerous shapes and sizes, and choosing the right size is a vital step. Some cigar humidors can hold 100 cigars, while others are only suitable for a handful of stogies.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to think about how many cigars you’ll want to hold at once. If you have a small collection, you won’t need a large humidor tons of storage space. That said, you will want to make sure the humidor you choose has some extra space for when your collection starts to grow.

Rule of thumb, start with a good humidor that can fit 25-50 cigars. That should give you plenty of space and still leave room for future cigars. Furthermore, you can easily find humidors under $100 with that capacity.


2. Don’t Neglect Quality

When it comes to choosing cigar humidors, quality should be one of your top priorities. The last thing you want is a low-quality humidor that will break after a few months. Luckily, you can find several dependable humidors for well under $100.


3. Look for an Included Hygrometer and Humidification Unit

If you didn’t know already, a hygrometer is a device that measures the relative humidity inside a humidor. You’ll likely find ordinary humidors or electric humidors with analog hygrometers, but some might come with a digital hygrometer for easier reading. Regardless, having a built-in hygrometer will make your life easier.

You should also look for a good humidor that comes with some kind of a humidification unit. Not only will this make your container easier to manage, but you’ll also save money.




Can a Cigar Box Be Used as a Humidor?

The short answer is yes, but using a cigar box as a humidor isn’t ideal.

Cigar manufacturers use these cardboard boxes to keep the stogies inside fresh long enough to reach cigar shops. The average time for optimal freshness inside a cigar box is about 30 days.

If you plan on smoking all your cigars within a month, then you might be able to use the original box as the humidor. However, investing in a proper humidor is better for long-term storage.


How Long Will a Cigar Last in a Humidor?

If you’ve seasoned your humidor and there isn’t any problem with the seal, your cigars can last anywhere from 1-10 years.

That said, most cigar aficionados will tell you that the best time to smoke a cigar after storage is about 3 months.

The kind of wood and build-quality of your humidor will dictate how long your cigars will last. Maintenance is also vital if you want your stogies to last over 3 months inside your humidor. If you don’t keep it moist, your cigars will dry out and be virtually worthless.


Is Spanish Cedar the Only Wood for a Humidor?

You’ve probably realized that most cigar humidors contain Spanish cedar, but is that the only wood available? There are a few other wood types humidor makers use to ensure their containers can retain moisture.

Besides Spanish cedar, you can find humidors that contain American red cedar and Honduran mahogany. Each type of wood has its own unique qualities.

For example, some people prefer Honduran mahogany because it doesn’t leave the woody smell on their cigars. On the contrary, some cigar smokers love the wood aroma that Spanish cedar tray humidors add to their stogies.



As you can see above, there are numerous cigar humidors you can get for under $100. Not only are these containers affordable, but they also offer adequate storage space and incredibly durability.

After reviewing several choices, Capri humidors are the best bang for your buck.

They look great, are built to last, and will keep your stogies nice and moist.

Remember, make sure you choose a good humidor that’s the right size for your collection. Remember to account for future cigars you will add to your humidor later on.