22 Best Cigar Shops in Miami

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best cigar shops in miami
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The thought of premium cigars might bring to mind a Cuban corner shop or a remote factory in Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic. But there is still a destination where you can buy cigars and also see them being made. Because of its proximity to Cuba, Florida has a rich tradition of cigar-making that began in the 1830s in Key West and continued in Tampa’s Ybor City, where you can still see the spires of tobacco towers.

But while these locales may hold the most history, since the 1960s cigar aficionados know to visit Miami’s Little Havana for the best quality cigars from ISOM. Miami’s Eighth Street, known to locals in the Greater Miami area as Calle Ocho, is an enclave of Cuban culture and home to some of the best cigar makers in the US. Here, you can not only find renowned cigars like La Gloria Cubana and Tatuajes, but also watch them being made in the places they originated. 

This list of the top-rated, award-winning, premium cigar stores, as well as some hidden gems, has been mulled and curated by our Web Zafadores. So light up and read on as we answer your burning questions about the best cigar shop in Miami!

#1 Cuban Crafters

Cuban Crafters Cigars Miami
Cuban Crafters Cigars Miami 2

Website: https://cubancrafters.com/ 

Address: 3604 N.W. 7th Street 

Contact: 305-642-5850 sales@cubancrafters.com


  • Sells boutique handrolled cigars made in Little Havana right on the premises by Cuban master cigar rollers like Manuel Medina, a world famous aficionado
  • Customers receive a fine cigar to sample; I’d ask for a 1959 Medina Lanceros ☺
  • Knowledgeable staff and helpful website answer all your questions; subscribe to the Cuban Crafters Club for news, discounts, and specialist cigar talk
  • Features an enormous walk-in humidor. Like really big. Though it’s not on the famous Calle Ocho, this is one of the premier cigar stores in South Miami

#2 Empire Social Lounge

#2 Empire Social Lounge Miami
#2 Empire Social Lounge Miami 2

Website: https://empiresociallounge.com/ 

Address:  1106 S Miami Ave #202, Miami, FL 33156 / 8955 Dadeland Blvd, Miami FL 33156

Contact: 786-622-2220 (Brickell) / 786-522-2374 (Dadeland)


  • Formerly Casa de Montecristo, a national chain of upscale smoke shops
  • This sophisticated bar and lounge emerged from founders’ Leeds and Nezek’s vision of a place where you can slow down and enjoy good drinks and great smokes in a custom leather chair 
  • Choose your experience: live music, rare whiskeys, and a private lounge–all the ways to enjoy your cigars!
  • Vintage collector’s room includes a Brickell Series Casa de Montecristo cigar (smoke it with your eyes ☺)
  • Locations in both Brickell and Dadeland, two different neighborhoods in the Greater Miami area

#3 Little Havana Cigar Factory

#3 Little Havana Cigar Factory Miami
#3 Little Havana Cigar Factory Miami 2

Website: https://littlehavanacigars.com/ 

Address: 1501 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

Contact: 305-541-1103 info@littlehavanacigars.com


  • Located on historic Calle Ocho, this store may have the best selection of Cuban cigars in the Little Havana neighborhood (where not all cigars are Cuban, even if most are rolled by Cuban masters)
  • A former factory with an iconic storefront, great vibe, good cigars, and good prices: this is 8th Street’s finest
  • Also offers a wide selection of related items, including ashtrays, cutters, cases, humidors, and more than 30 different S.T. DuPont products

#4 Cigar Boutique of Little Havana (El Credito Cigar Factory)

#4 Cigar Boutique of Little Havana (El Credito Cigar Factory) Miami
#4 Cigar Boutique of Little Havana (El Credito Cigar Factory) Miami 2

Website: http://www.cigarboutique.net/home

Address: 1100 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130

Contact: 305-285-9154 cesar@cigarboutique.net


  • The list wouldn’t be complete without a nod to history: this boutique cigar shop is located on the site of the famous El Credito Cigar Factory, one of the original makers of Miami cigars
  • El Credito was the birthplace of La Gloria Cubana cigars, one of the best known brands in the industry, and the first cigar brand to use a 60-plus cigar ring gauge
  • Founders Perez-Carillo family pioneered the use of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco, a movement that steered the industry away from Miami
  • Converted from factory to lounge in 2010, with two master rollers remaining onsite
  • Uses an old-world Spanish press technique that eliminates air pockets to increase draw
  • Hosts private events (shhhh)

#5 El Titan de Bronze

#5 El Titan de Bronze Miami
#5 El Titan de Bronze Miami 2

Website: https://titandebronze.com/ 

Address: 1071 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130

Contact: (305) 860-1412 https://titandebronze.com/pages/contact-us


  • One of the most authentic cigar makers on Calle Ocho, this shop oozes tradition
  • Hand crafted cigars rolled on the premises by “level 9” rollers who have worked for factories like Romeo y Julieta, Corona, and Partagas
  • Manufactures Cohibas, Padillas, and La Palinas
  • Cigars are made by a single tabaquero in the traditional Cuban style (rather than a pair of rollers, as is more common in other parts of the world), 
  • Cigars are finished with a three seam cap that requires an extra leaf and meticulous skill and holds the wrapper to the binder, making the cigar less likely to unravel
  • The name refers to a Cuban general known for being a courageous “man of steel” (well, bronze)

#6 Padrón Cigars

#6 Padrón Cigars miami
#6 Padrón Cigars miami 2

Website: https://padron.com/ 

Address: 1575 SW 1st Street Miami, FL 33135

Contact: 305-643-2117 info@padron.com


  • Though it’s not on Calle Ocho, this shop makes the list because the family is practically cigar royalty: that’s right, it’s “Padrón” of Padrón Cigars
  • Founder Don Orlando Padrón started the business over 100 years ago with $600 earned from carpentry with a borrowed hammer; the family dynasty continues today
  • From family-owned fields in Nicaragua to the Miami factory/shop, every decision from seed to smoke is carefully curated
  • Factory/shop carries and ships hand crafted Padrón series cigars: 1926, 1964, 50th anniversary, Damaso, and Family Reserve

#7 Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co.

#9 Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co. miami
#9 Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co. miami 2

Website: https://cubatobaccocigarco.com/ 

Address: SW 8th Street Miami, FL 33135

Contact: 305-649-2717 bellocigars@outlook.com


  • Founders of this shop, the Bello family, are one of the oldest artisan families in the American industry, now in their fifth generation as a family-owned business
  • The distinctive cigars in this shop feature mild and medium body blends aged in Spanish cedar vaults to create a smooth flavor
  • Great cigars come in a variety of shapes and sizes from the giant Esplendido to the tiny pointed Belicoso

#8 La Tradicion Cubana Cigars

#10 La Tradicion Cubana Cigars miami
#10 La Tradicion Cubana Cigars miami 2

Website: https://www.thecubanshop.com/Default.asp 

Address: 9357 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165

Contact: 305-643-4005 cigars@tradicion.com


  • Premium blended Cuban seed aged in Spanish cedar is rolled by trained tabaqueros at the family factory; you can see it all unfold (or fold, actually) right before your eyes
  • Sanchez family’s own brand features Nicaraguan filler, a Honduran Binder, and an Ecuadoran wrapper producing mild, spicy, creamy, nutty, and earthy flavors
  • The Lab Series and Mad Scientist Editions are boutique cigar “experiments” with Nicaraguan filler in a Maduro/Habano wrapper
  • The Nub, a modern Miami favorite, may be the smallest brand (hey, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar)

#9 Guantanamera Cigars

#11 Guantanamera Cigars miami
#11 Guantanamera Cigars miami 2

Website: https://guantanameracigars.com/ 

Address: 1465 SW 8th St #105, Miami, FL 33135

Contact: 786-618-5142 info@guantanameracafe.com, sales@guantanameracafe.com


  • Great selection of hand rolled cigars accompanied by Cuban coffee and mojitos (though not at the same time…ok maybe)
  • Cuban-born tobacco blender, Jose Montagne, is an internationally recognized aficionado
  • Sells classic Guantanamera series; these can be purchased singly or in boxes
  • Also stocks a wide selection of cases, travel humidors, and large humidors for packing your stash on poker night 
  • Invest in some authentic Cubano style espresso when you pick up other accessories like cutters and ashtrays

#10 Neptune Cigars

#12 Neptune Cigars miami
#12 Neptune Cigars miami 2

Website: https://www.neptunecigar.com/ 

Address: 3420 NW 7 St Miami FL, 33125

Contact: 800-655-3385 https://www.neptunecigar.com/contact-us


  • Locations in both Little Havana and South Miami
  • At 2,000 square feet, the Little Havana location is the largest cigar shop in Miami Dade county located just a short distance from Miami International Airport (though other stores may have more space, this shop has the highest ratio of space to sticks you’ll ever see)
  • Wide selection of cigars, most of which are sold at a 10% to $40% discount on the MSRP
  • Knowledgeable, highly trained staff are fluent in both English and Spanish

#11 CASA HABANO Company

Website: https://casahabano.net/ 

Address: 1743 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

Contact: (305) 772-8952 https://casahabano.net/contact-us/


  • Sells hand rolled cigars made by Cuban-trained professional rollers
  • Stocks an exclusive tobacco blend curated by Cuban torcedores
  • Customers can also inspect and choose their own blend: you can actually enjoy a tailor made cigar that you’ve followed from start to finish!
  • Offers factory tours that include insights into Florida history, cigar making processes, and Cuban culture
  • Purchase singles, bundles, boxes, or choose by number of leaves—this is a shop for the most meticulous of cigarnivores

#12 8 Street Cigars

#14 8 Street Cigars miami
#14 8 Street Cigars miami 2

Website: N/A (kinda on the DL, I guess)

Address: 3475 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

Contact: (305) 446-2606


  • With a wide selection of cigars at low prices, this cigar store is a small but solid hidden gem
  • Though it has no website, it was featured among Top 10 Best Tobacco Shops and Cigar Stores on Yelp and other social media sites
  • Comfortable leather chairs and a giant 85 inch mega TV give this a feel somewhere between sophisticated lounge and local hangout
  • Located just across from Versailles, one of the most famous Cuban restaurants in the US; this is the place to get your Cuban sandwiches!
  • Lounge features traditional dominoes; watch out—competition is fierce!

#13 Havana Classic

#15 Havana Classic miami
#15 Havana Classic miami 2

Website: https://havanaclassic.com/ 

Address: 1419 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

Contact: (305) 642-6152 info@havanaclassic.com


  • Third generation, family owned business sells only hand made cigars rolled by Cuban masters right in Little Havana
  • House blended, limited edition, and alliance cigars in boxes; exclusive premium cigar blends include Havana, Corona, Robusto, and Lanceros
  • Offers blended Cuban0 coffee at a traditional coffee bar with a modern spin
  • Tours of the store and factory include South Florida history, cigar-making tutorial, a free “café cubano” coffee and one complimentary cigar; they know how to treat guests!
  • Sells art and crafts by local artists; truly a community centered boutique

#14 Bayside Cigars

#16 Bayside Cigars miami
#16 Bayside Cigars miami 2

Website: https://baysidecigars.com/ 

Address: 401 Biscayne Blvd S – 130, Miami, FL 33132

Contact: (305) 350-2015 info@baysidecigars.com


  • Located close to the waterfront near Dodge Island and Hobie Island Beach Park
  • Small shop with a great selection online, especially if you subscribe to the Bayside Cigar Club for news, events, discounts, and cigar talk
  • Shop cigars by brand, by country, by box, or by rating, including Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Year and Top 25 Brands
  • Choose from singles, boxes, and samplers with occasional, amazing discounts
  • Try the Room 101 Death Bucket Pack (if it’s not sold out!)

#15 Absolute Cigar Shop

#17 Absolute Cigar Shop miami
#17 Absolute Cigar Shop miami 2

Website: https://absolutecigarmiami.com/ 

Address: 22 SW 8th Street Miami, Florida 33130

Contact: 305-374-9999 https://absolutecigarmiami.com/contact-us/


  • The oldest shop in the Brickell area, one of the most “cigar friendly” neighborhoods (outside of Little Havana) according to Cigar Aficionado
  • An excellent selection of Arturo Fuente, Drew Estate, and Plasencia cigars
  • Doesn’t just sell tobacco products: they stock everything from the Fuente Don Carlos to the DE Pappy Van Winkle

#16 Smoke on the Water

#18 Smoke on the Water miami
#18 Smoke on the Water miami 2

Website: https://www.smokeweston.com/ 

Address: 1630 Bell Tower Lane Weston, Florida 33326

Contact: 954-217-1994 info@smokeweston.com


  • Connected to a Weston hotel, this cigar store exudes luxury and sophistication away from the bustle of local shops
  • Selected by Cigar Aficionado as one of the top places to smoke 
  • Offers 6,000 square feet of space for smoking! (Social distancing made easy)
  • True to its name, this posh cigar bar is packed with premium cigars, fine whiskeys, and rums you can sample, along with the best cigars, on the waterfront patio overlooking Miami Beach

#17 Brickell Smoke Shop

#20 Brickell Smoke Shop miami
#20 Brickell Smoke Shop miami 2

Website: https://www.facebook.com/brickellsmokeshop

Address: 13 SW 7th St, Miami, FL, United States, Florida

Contact: (305) 967-8187 brickellsmokeshop.com


  • Notable for its enormous muraled wall depicting a woman smoking; you can’t miss it!
  • Located in the South Miami Brickell area close to a large mall and shopping area for easy access to great Cuban food: pulled pork, spicy peppers, and good coffee
  • Sells a huge selection of tobacco products and vape accessories

#18 Coco Cigars

#21 Coco Cigars miami
#21 Coco Cigars miami 2

Website: https://cococigars.com/ 

Address: 3015 Grand Ave #135, Miami, FL 33133

Contact: 305-442-9188 


  • This stylish shop near Regatta Park is great for waterfront people watching at the nearby shops and restaurants
  • You’ll find an assortment of well-known and hard to find sticks, including a wide selection of Davidoff and Padrón cigars; ask the helpful staff if you’re looking for something in particular
  • Live music in the evening transforms this space into a social scene

#19 Top Cigars

#22 Top Cigars miami
#22 Top Cigars miami 2

Website: N/A

Address: 1551 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

Contact: 305-643-1150 


  • Not the fanciest shop on Calle Ocho, this store still has an extensive collection and a great atmosphere: enjoy a cigar over a Cubano and a lively game of chess
  • Owner Chris and the knowledgeable staff treat patrons like family; more than one customer reports stopping by and staying for hours to enjoy good conversation
  • Live music pops off almost every night at this hidden gem

#20 Gables Cigars

#23 Gables Cigars miami
#23 Gables Cigars miami 2

Website: http://www.gablescigarsshop.com/

Address: 2324 Salzedo St, Miami, FL 33134

Contact: 305-631-2139 


  • Though it’s far from Calle Ocho, this cigar store is close to the Miami Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel
  • Features a wide range of classic cigar brands alongside smoking accessories and fine wines
  • Trained cigar rollers will staff your local events, making specialty cigars on site according to your specifications (another Cohiba, please) 

#21 Village Humidor, Inc.

#24 Village Humidor, Inc. miami
#24 Village Humidor, Inc. miami 2

Website: http://www.marybrickellvillage.com/tenants/village-humidor 

Address: 900 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33130

Contact: 305-377-0557 http://www.marybrickellvillage.com/visit


  • Located in the heart of Mary Brickell Village among shops and restaurants, this store sells premium cigars, as well as specialty cigarettes, cigar accessories, and hookah tobacco
  • Features an outdoor smoking patio 
  • Easy access to vibrant Brickell nightlife and cultural events, from the Ballet Festival to the Night Market 

#22 Deco Drive Cigars

#25 Deco Drive Cigars miami
#25 Deco Drive Cigars miami 2

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Decodrivecigars/

Address: 1446 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Contact: 305-672-9032 dclounge@live.com 


  • This polished boutique cigar store is located on Miami Beach across Biscayne Bay, not far from the World Erotic Art Museum (you can’t make this stuff up)
  • Though it’s the same site as the celebrity gossip TV program, you won’t see celebs at this store
  • Sells premium brands and an array of smoking accessories, as well as house brand cigars rolled on site
  • Also a hookah and gastrobar, it’s a great location where you can find a little of everything, from food to smokes