9 Best Cigar Shops in Nashville

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best cigar shops in nashville
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Taking the time to visit these parts of the city was worth every moment.

What I discovered weren’t just cigar shops and great vendors. We have numerous bars that allow you to pull out a stogie and fog the place up a bit.

Reviewing these locations took some time—both online and in person. It’s easy to make broad comparisons from what I discovered, but each of these venues have unique aspects to bring to Nashville collectively. You’ll be allowed to smoke your cigar, buy them or socialize with other enthusiastic connoisseurs.

#1 Blend Cigar Bar

Blend Cigar Bar

Website: https://www.blendbarcigar.com/nashville/

Address: 508 Church Street, Nashville, Tenn., 37211, United States

Contact: (615) 730-9641


  • Large and Spacious: Blend has the atmosphere of a cozy restaurant as you enter it. It’s laid back with dim lights and elements of a burning fire.
  • The Assortment of Liquors: From rye to whiskey, Blend patrons get to select a cigar for their drink or vice versa. The shop also serves beers, wines and scotches.
  • Professional and Advanced: Blend’s 40-foot bar is nothing short of spectacular. It changes color while keeping your beverage right where you placed it.

Best For: This is an ideal place for those who want to blend their cigars with whiskey and other aged liquors.

Services and Scope: There’s a clean bathroom on site, and wifi is available for smoking patrons. Feel welcome to sit and smoke for a while.

Pricing: You’ll see a wide selection of cigars, but expect to find an elegant experience with prices for everyone.

#2 Franklin Cigar

Franklin Cigar Nashville

Website: https://franklincigar.com/

Address: 103 International Drive, Suite 110, Franklin, Tenn., 37067, United States

Contact: (615) 771-6767


  • Davidoff Appointed: Davidoff lovers will find the selection from Davidoff both exquisite and plentiful.
  • 3,000-Cubic Foot Humidor: Take your time as you walk around the humidor; turn, step backward or go in circles to find that right smoke.
  • Avid Tobacconists: Franklin Cigar employees need a complete knowledge of tobacco to offer you the best possible service.

Best For: Franklin is a spacious lounge with a mix of tobacco, good conversations and craft beers from all over.

Services and Scope: Expect a grand selection from Davidoff, for the retailer here is an accredited merchant for this top cigar maker.

Pricing: This lounge is well-kept and offers a wide range of cigars at competitive prices.

#3 Serious Cigars

Serious Cigars Nashville

Website: https://www.seriouscigars.com/nashville/

Address: 600 9th Ave S., Suite 130, Nashville, Tenn., 37203, United States

Contact: customerservice@seriouscigars.com/(615) 800-3397


  • The Best Money Buys: Marble floors, leather-winged chairs and cigars set the mood for the elegant experience this shop produces.
  • Events and Music: As a hub for premium cigars, top vendors and socialites often schedule events within the Casa de Montecristo chain.
  • Valued Members: Buying cigars as a member of this shop allows you to earn up to $12.50 for every 250 points you gain.

Best For: This shop is for serious smokers who want to both shop in store and with a reliable online retailer.

Services and Scope: Expect boutique cigars and nothing less for the aficionados of this retailer.

Pricing: Serious Cigars and its subsidiary Casa de Montecristo offer very high class, elegant and premium lounges.

#4 Belle Meade Premium Cigars

Belle Meade Premium Cigars Nashville

Website: https://www.bellemeadecigars.com/

Address: Belle Meade Plaza 4518 Harding Rd., Nashville, Tenn., 37205, United States

Contact: info@bellemeadecigars.com/(615) 297-7963


  • Simple Humidor: For smokers who want to get in and out, the shop’s humidor makes it easy to find a fast selection.
  • Personal and Tailored: Regulars can rent storage cabinets and keep their cigars humidified.
  • Hand Selected: The choice of cigars at Belle Meade Cigars were chosen to give you some freedom. You’ll find high-end options that taste great and low-end brands with spectacular flavor.

Best For: This locale is for those more inclined to a local owner, atmosphere and selection. You’ll be welcomed here as a neighbor.

Services and Scope: The shop is known for its wide selection of cigar accessories. Fuel your lighters, and find sharp cutters for your smokes.

Pricing: This is a locally owned shop with a good understanding of what local smokers need.

#5 Reserva Cigars

Website: https://www.reservacigars.com/

Address: 73 White Bridge Rd., Suite 1G, Nashville, Tenn., 37205, United States

Contact: https://www.reservacigars.com/(615) 271-2838


  • At the Heart of the City: Having a cigar spot that you can find without much difficulty is a plus.
  • Craft Beers: Craft beers from around the world make this shop more than a place to smoke.
  • Impeccable Service: Fast and courteous are the workers here.

Best For: Reserva is certainly a place for the smoker who knows their cigars. The Spanish cedar lining its humidor only begins to tell the story.

Services and Scope: Aside from a class selection of cigars, great service is what Reserva Cigar uses to lead its food, beer and cigar events.

Pricing: Reserva has built a diverse selection of premium and bargain cigars.

#6 Smoke and Ale

Smoke and Ale nashville

Website: https://nashvillesmokeandale.com/

Address: 15551 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville, Tenn., 37211, United States

Contact: (615) 499-4942


  • Pairing: Matching the smoke you like with the right drink is called pairing. The tobacconists here are eager to teach you how pairing works.
  • Customer Friendly: Understanding your tastes is what enables this shop to truly create a personal experience. You’ll find a strategic selection of cigars for this reason.
  • Clean and Spacious: Smoke and Ale uses exhausts to stop your smoke from out smoking you. Visual clarity and air quality are maintained by these vents.
  • Best For: Here’s an option for experienced smokers who want a calm, quiet atmosphere.

Services and Scope: Personalization is important to Smoke and Ale, and you have curbside services, which is just short of full delivery.

Pricing: The shop’s pricing is flexible but matches the variety of products it stores. From CBD oils to fine, South American tobaccos, you decide on your overall spending.

#7 Smokers Abbey

Smokers Abbey Nashville

Website: https://smokersabbeynashville.com/

Address: 604 Gallatin Ave., Ste 102, Nashville, Tenn., 37206, United States

Contact: (615) 678-8458


  • Simple and Discrete: You’re welcomed at Smokers’ Abbey whether in a t-shirt or suit. The shop is a cozy place with little distractions besides habanos.
  • Beer Deals: Abbey’s “two for one deal” can really cut costs for routine visitors as well as a casual evening. The shop carries national and regional craft beers.
  • Pipe Tobacco: You’ll find a wide selection of pipe tobacco and plenty of equipment to start smoking. The shop’s tobacconists are highly educated with its various blends.

Best For: Look to Smokers Abbey for a casual experience, and you’re expected to come as you are.

Services and Scope: With a single humidor and chilled beers, trained tobacconists make sure that you’ll find the right smoke and chair.

Pricing: This is a corner shop that welcomes locals and offers simple pricing for daily smoking.

#8 Nashville Cigar

Nashville Cigar Nashville

Website: https://nashvillecigar.co/

Address: 4001 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, Tenn., 37215, United States

Contact: (615) 292-6866


  • A Local Favorite: The reputation established by its former shop gives this renovation a staple of familiar faces and good times.
  • Custom Blends: Whether or not you have your own ideas, the shop makes custom blends and packages them in delicately rolled leaves. Its Franklin Cigar is an award-winning item.
  • Customer Focused: From simple questions to dire complaints, the shop is open to the feedback of its patrons. You’re invited to contact the business directly—at any time.

Best For: Nashville Cigar is ideal for your anytime smoke, and the locals who staple here support one another. They share a friendly bond.

Services and Scope: Once being Uptown’s Smoke Shop, Nashville Cigar is notorious for its wide selection of Davidoffs.

Pricing: The walk-in humidor holds such a good selection that you’ll find a smoke at all prices.

#9 Bar: Cigar Especial

Cigar Especial Nashville

Website: https://www.barcigarespecial.com/

Address: 701 4th Avenue S., Nashville, Tenn., 37210, United States

Contact: (615) 915-2514


  • Sit-In Rentals: Special rooms are available once you make a reservation for two or six.
  • Conference Room: The conference room is spacious, allows smoking and must be reserved.
  • Cocktails and Food: Like any subtle-casino spot, expect decent food and a flowing tap.

Best For: This is truly a special place with a bright, warming atmosphere to smoke in.

Services and Scope: The building housing the shop is spacious and gives you plenty of ways to spend any part of your day.

Pricing: Expect typical cigar prices, but watch for the roulette tables if gambling isn’t your thing.