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I’ve had the pleasure of savoring Cuban cigars for years, and let me tell ya, they’re a class apart. There’s just something about that first whiff and puff that can make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

My favourites are the Cohiba Robusto for it’s medium to full-bodied profile and it’s tobacco leaves.The romeo y julieta, the cohiba robustos, you name it, I’ve lovingly burned through ’em.

Taking in the best cigars in the world is an experience unlike any other, and when I talk about the selection of the best Cuban cigars, it’s coming from a treasure trove of personal smoke-filled memories.

Now, you ask any aficionado and they’ll nod in agreement—there’s a reason these stogies are best selling.

Whether you’re just starting to navigate the exquisite labyrinth of Cuban flavors or you’re a seasoned pro with an impeccable palate, the variety is just stupendous.

We’re not just talking hearsay; these sticks are celebrated across the cigar cosmos for their unmatched quality and rich heritage, fanning the flames of luxury for every smoker fortunate enough to light one up.

Unveiling the Cuban Classics

Peeling back the layers of Cuban cigar lore is like stepping into a grand history book. These masterpieces are crafted with an expertise that whispers tales of tradition and finesse, each with a story as intriguing as its flavor.

Cohiba Robusto

Cohiba Robusto

The cohiba robusto is that one best buddy I’ve journeyed with through thick and thin. Let me lay it down—I’ve had a ton of these, and the cohiba robusto reserva, well, that’s like the jewel in the crown.

Cohiba robustos are an entire mood, medium to full-bodied, and these bad boys provide a velvety smoke with the best tobacco leaves handpicked from Vuelta Abajo.

Hailing from Cuba’s prestigious el laguito factory, these sticks were once diplomatic gifts, limited edition treasures that scream luxury.

Now, could I be biased because they’re kind of like the Cuban government’s pride, like the rare cohiba 55 aniversario? Maybe, but once you get a taste of that edición limitada excellence, there’s just no going back, pal.

Punch Champion

Punch Champion

They don’t call it a champion for nothing. This stick’s got a knockout punch that could very well put you in the ring with the greats.

It’s the underdog of cigars with a robust flavor that’ll have your taste buds cheering from the sidelines. Now, no spoiler alert needed – it’s a winner through and through.

La Gloria Cubana Wavell

La Gloria Cubana Wavell

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, along comes the La Gloria Cubana Wavell.

This stick is like the quiet kid in class who turns out to be valedictorian—the unexpected genius with a rich, smooth flavor that earns it a spot on the top shelf. One puff, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Montecristo Yellow No.2 Torpedo

Montecristo Yellow No.2 Torpedo

The Montecristo Yellow No.2 Torpedo, now that’s a classic that never ghosts you. I’m drawn to it like bees to honey, with its medium strength and the kind of roasted coffee notes that wake you up better than your morning cuppa.

It’s part of that best selling crowd but still stands out like a solid solo act in a sea of harmony.

Partagas Naturales

Partagas Naturales

Ah, the Partagas Naturales. This is the stick you want by your side when the world is looking gray, and you need a bit of that full-bodied, vibrant lift.

It’s not just another cigar; it’s a statement, an homage to the rich Cuban cigar-making tradition.

H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro

H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro

The H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro is that mellow afternoon friend, perfect to wind down with. It’s got a medium strength that’s just assertive enough without stealing the show.

It’s like the perfect backup singer—knows its place but adds a depth that’s irreplaceable.

Hoyo De Monterrey Sultans Maduro

Hoyo De Monterrey Sultans Maduro

Now, for those moments when you need something with a little extra zing, the Hoyo De Monterrey Sultans Maduro swings in with spicy flavors that hit just the right notes.

It’s bold, it’s daring, and it unquestionably earns its stripes. Trust me; this is a ride worth taking for that flavor fireworks display.

Romeo Y Julieta Vintage No.3

Romeo Y Julieta Vintage No.3

Let’s not forget about the Romeo Y Julieta Vintage No.3, a complex cigar that weaves its magic slowly but stunningly. It’s the smooth talker of the bunch, with a charm that’s hard to shake off and a presence that lingers, just like a good story.

Exploring Regional Exclusives

The Cuban cigar saga ain’t complete without a detour into the lands of regional exclusive gems. These are the rare finds, the ones you brag about at parties ’cause you know no one else has got their mitts on them.

Bolívar Belicosos Finos – The Bold and Beautiful

Bolívar Belicosos Finos? Think of it as the maverick of the cigar world. Bold, yes. Beautiful, absolutely. But also with a complexity that’ll keep you guessing and coming back for more.

Every draw is a testament to the skilled hands that crafted it.

Trinidad Fundadores – The Flavorful Rarity

Trinidad Fundadores is like that rare vinyl record you found tucked away in a corner store—it’s a treasure. It’s the VIP lounge of cigars, smooth yet with a full flavor that turns every smoke into an occasion.

Get your hands on these, and you’re golden, buddy.

Diplomáticos – Cuba’s Regional Gem

When cruising the Cuban cigar landscape, don’t overlook the Diplomáticos. It’s like stumbling upon an underground band before they hit the big time—rich in character, with an authenticity that can’t be replicated.

You’ll pat yourself on the back for this discovery.

Pairing and Enjoyment

Talking about Cuban sticks without touching on the art of pairing is like talking baseball without a bat—just doesn’t make sense. Finding that perfect match for your cigar is all part of the game, folks.

The Art of Cigar Pairing

Pairing a good Cuban cigar with the right drink is a ritual for many enthusiasts. It’s like creating a symphony where every note complements the other.

I’ve learned that the robust complexity of a Cohiba Robusto, for instance, harmonizes beautifully with a smooth single malt, elevating both the cigar’s profile and the whisky’s character.

Classic Drinks to Complement Your Cuban

When it comes to classic drinks, you can’t go wrong with pairings that have stood the test of time.

A vintage port can contrast nicely with the spice of a Partagas Naturales, while a mellow aged rum brings out the earthy notes of a Montecristo Yellow No.2 Torpedo.

It’s all about balance; a strong espresso alongside the rich profile of a Hoyo De Monterrey Sultan Maduro can be a morning revelation.

Optimal Settings for Cigar Enjoyment

Where you enjoy your cigar can be as important as what you’re smoking. From my experience, the setting can greatly enhance the smoking ritual.

Whether it’s the tranquility of a home study or the understated elegance of a dedicated smoking lounge, the right environment makes every puff special.

Creating a Conducive Atmosphere for Smoking

A conducive atmosphere isn’t just about plush leather chairs and aesthetic decors—it’s about the mood. Soft lighting, a room with good ventilation, and just the right background music set the stage.

At The Ariston, for example, the freshly remodeled cigar bar with its new Byron cigar lounge offers a sanctuary where aficionados can escape and indulge in their passion for Cuban craftsmanship.

Preservation and Care

Any cigar connoisseur will tell you that preservation is key. A well-maintained humidor isn’t just a storage box—it’s a treasure chest that keeps the legacy of Cuban cigars alive and well-preserved for just the right moment.

Humidor Essentials for Cuban Cigars

Maintaining a humidor is essential for preserving the fine characteristics of Cuban cigars. It safeguards against the risks of drying out or, conversely, becoming too moist.

This keeps cigars in prime condition, ready to release their full potential whenever you are.

The Importance of Proper Humidity and Temperature

I’ve seen what happens when cigars aren’t stored right—flavors fade and burns get uneven. It’s heartbreaking, really. The trick is to maintain humidity levels around 70% and a temperature near 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

This balance is key to keeping that Cohiba Esplendido or any other authentic Cuban cigar in perfect smoking condition.

The Etiquette of Cigar Aging

Aging cigars is an art form. It refers to the patient wait as cigars mature, developing depth and mellowness over time. It’s an investment in the anticipation of a richer experience.

How Time Enhances the Cuban Experience

Sit on a box of Cubans for a few years in a well-kept humidor, and you’ll see what I mean. The flavors intermingle and evolve, creating a smoother and more complex profile.

I’ve savored aged cigars that developed a whole new spectrum of tastes—a testament to how time truly enhances a good Cuban.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Navigating the legalities of Cuban cigar ownership can be as complex as the cigars themselves. Understanding the ins and outs of import regulations and embargoes is crucial for both casual smokers and serious collectors.

Understanding Cigar Import Regulations

Personal experience has shown me the importance of keeping up with import laws.

Despite fluctuations in U.S.-Cuba relations, with changing regulations on bringing Cubans stateside, fans like myself must stay informed to enjoy these treasures without legal hiccups.

Today, although one can’t simply bring Cuban cigars into the U.S. for personal use, there are legal channels for enjoying them elsewhere.

The Impact of Embargoes on Cuban Cigar Availability

The ebb and flow of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US have made an undeniable impact on the availability of Cuban cigars.

The scarcity caused by embargoes has often turned them into rare commodities, which drives a persistent enthusiasm both in collecting and in the discreet pleasure of the occasional smoke.

Navigating the Cuban Cigar Market

In my decade-plus in the cigar industry, I’ve learned that the market for Cuban cigars is intricate, teeming with both exquisite finds and clever imposters waiting to fool the uninitiated.

Identifying Authentic Cuban Cigars

Sifting the real from the fake is an acquired skill. Authentic Cuban cigars have distinctive hallmarks like impeccable construction, a unique aroma, and a government seal that’s hard to counterfeit.

Knowing these signs is essential for any serious connoisseur.

Avoiding Counterfeits in a Complex Market

Across my storied career with cigars, I’ve seen my share of fakes passed off as the real McCoy.

To spot an authentic Cuban, one must scrutinize details like the Cohiba Esplendido’s band and packaging for signs of authenticity—it’s a shame when a forged band mars what could have been a transcendent smoke.

Moreover, building relationships with trusted vendors is just as vital as knowing your cigar’s attributes.

Where to Purchase Genuine Cuban Cigars

Alright, listen up, because if you’re chasing that smoke from the heart of Cuba, you gotta know where to look. Genuine Cuban cigars are like hidden treasure; you won’t find ’em just anywhere.

Strict regulations mean you can’t just stroll into a shop stateside and pick up a Havana classic. But globally? That’s a different story—and an open book.

You’re looking for legit tobacconists, those high-end cigar shops with a rep for quality. Europe’s a gold mine, and shops from London to Rome boast shelves lined with Cuban legends.

Canada’s cool, too—just a hop over the border and you’re in cigar heaven. Just remember, it’s not just about location; it’s about trust and reputation.

Trusted Vendors and Buying Tips

Getting your hands on authentic Cubans is more about the ‘who’ than the ‘where’. You gotta roll with vendors that have a solid track record—those that are recognized by Habanos S.A. as official distributors.

They’ve got the goods and the cred to back it up. Go ahead, ask around in cigar forums, get the lowdown from other smokers, or hit up a Habanos-certified lounge.

And when buying, inspect that box like it’s a diamond—look for proper seals, labels, and the much-coveted Habanos sticker. Don’t get played by those street corner hustlers selling fakes; if the deal’s too sweet, you’re probably getting beat.

The Social Side of Smoking

Smoking a Cuban ain’t just about the drag; it’s a social dance, a ritual that brings folks together. Whether you’re a ground-floor beginner or an eagle-eyed veteran, there’s a place at the table for everyone.

Light up, lean back, and let the stories and laughter flow. It’s about camaraderie, culture, and sometimes, competition—who’s got the most impressive ash, eh?

Cuban Cigars in Pop Culture

Cuban cigars are like the VIPs of pop culture—always in the limelight and adding a touch of class to any scene. From old-school film noir to high-stakes poker in current flicks, a well-timed puff adds that extra oomph of sophistication.

They’re not just smokes; they’re icons, baby.

Celebrities and Their Favored Cubans

When it comes to celebs and their chosen stogies, we’re looking at a roster of who’s who loving the who’s who of cigars.

Think Cohiba Robustos in the hands of power players, Partagas Serie D No. 4’s with leading men, and those perfectly rolled Romeo y Julieta churchills gracing silver screen moments.

Each celebrity puff on a Cuban whispers a thousand words about taste and prestige. It’s a sign of the high life, as much a statement piece as any luxury watch or diamond ring.

Cigar Bars and Lounges to Visit

For the aficionado wanting the full experience, hitting up a top-shelf cigar bar or lounge is a must. Think of places stocked with rare finds and comfy leather chairs that welcome you to unwind.

Whether it’s a classic haunt in the heart of Havana or a swanky new spot with a robust selection, these joints define the smoker’s paradise.

Worldwide Destinations for the Aficionado

The globe’s sprinkled with havens for the cigar enthusiast, from the cobblestone streets of old Havana to the sleek lounges of Tokyo. Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai—they’ve all got their own spins on the cigar lounge ethos.

But each place sings the same tune: plush interiors, walk-in humidors, and a sense of belonging that only a shared appreciation of a premium cigar can bring.

Set your compass, pack your lighter, and set sail for a smoke-filled jaunt around the world.


In the end, it’s not just about the smoke—it’s about the story. The best Cuban cigars carry a narrative in every leaf, a history in each roll. For folks like us, every puff’s a paragraph in a book we write with every light.

Whether you’re new to the fold or seasoned with ash on your sleeve, savoring a Cuban is to walk through history.

It’s a journey of taste, tradition, and sometimes, a little bit of rebellion—from the famous brand feasts of Montecristo to the quiet pride of a Juan Lopez smoke.

It’s a path well worth trekking for those in search of the true essence of a cigar.

Savoring the Best Cuban Cigars

Pulling together a collection of the best Cuban cigars is a bit like crafting a symphony of smoke. Each brand, be it the full-bodied Bolivar or the elegant Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas, plays its own unique note.

For cigar lovers, it’s about crafting moments, memories soaked in the aroma of a premium cigar. So, here’s to finding that perfect blend and taking the time to truly savor it.

A Journey Worth Taking for the Aficionado

Mark my words, diving into the world of Cuban cigars is an epic tale worth every chapter. From sniffing out authentic dealers to joining the social swirl around a well-lit lounge, it’s a saga of sensory delights.

Some say they’re just the best cigars in the world—I say they’re the start of an adventure, a luxury to learn and a pleasure to pursue.

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a novice, it’s a journey of discovery, one that will have you turning page after page, eager for the next luxurious draw.