6 Best Large Humidors To Hold Your Cigar Empire

Last updated: 2024

If you’re in the market for a large cigar humidor to store your prized collection, you’ve come to the right place. Large humidors are an excellent choice for keeping your cigars fresh, and are typically a wise investment if you have a growing collection.

In my humble opinion, the Landmark by Prestige Import Group is the best large humidor overall.

It’s made from reliable Spanish cedar, contains an analog hygrometer, and can comfortably store up to 300 cigars.

While the Landmark is the top pick of this lineup, be sure to check out some of the other large cigar humidors we’ve reviewed below. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know exactly which cigar humidor is suitable for your collection.

I’ve also included a section on what to look for when choosing large cigar humidors to make your decision easier.

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The Landmark by Prestige Import Group


The Landmark by Prestige Import Group

  • 300 Cigar storage solution
  • Storage space for accessories
  • Lock/key mechanism

The glossy cherry finish of the Spanish cedar makes the Landmark stand out, and would go nicely with your home or office.

Mantello Cigar Humidor

Mantello Cigar Humidor
  • 100 Cigar storage solution
  • Tight seal
  • Built-in hygrometer

Quality Importers Aging Vault

quality importers aging vault
  • 1500 cigar storage capacity
  • Separate drawer for bulk storage
5 Best Large Humidors

The Landmark by Prestige Import Group

The Landmark by Prestige Import Group

Key Features

  • 300 cigar storage solution
  • Extra storage space for accessories
  • Beautiful Spanish cedar lining
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Lock/key mechanism


  • Dimensions: 18 x 11.25 x 11 inches
  • Finish: Cherry
  • Type: Desktop humidor

When it comes to large cabinet humidor, none could tick all the boxes like the Landmark desktop humidor.

The most apparent benefit of this large cabinet humidor is its ability to comfortably keep 300 cigars fresh. Even if you’re an avid cigar collector, a 300 cigar storage capacity should be plenty to hold your entire cigar collection.

The glossy cherry finish of the Spanish cedar makes the Landmark stand out, and would go nicely with your home or office. What’s more, the Spanish cedar lining will make sure that this desktop humidor absorbs enough moisture to keep your premium cigars fresh for as long as you need them.

One thing I truly love about this humidor cabinet is the many spanish cedar drawers it comes with. 

You can easily store your favorite cigars and keep them out of sight. If you have additional space, you can use the extra spanish cedar drawers for accessory storage.

The removable tray makes it incredibly easy to access your premium cigars whenever you’re feeling for a smoke.

On top of that, the Landmark comes with a built-in hygrometer and two dependable humidifiers. With that, you’ll never have to worry about the relative humidity levels going out of whack.

If you’re planning on storing how many cigars in the hundreds, then this is the right humidor cabinet to suit your needs.

Mantello Cigar Humidor (Best Value)

Mantello Cigar Humidor

Key Features

  • 100 cigar storage solution
  • Tight seal
  • Elegant felt finish
  • Built-in hygrometer
  • Removable Spanish cedar tray


  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.4 x 6.3 inches
  • Finish: Spanish cedar
  • Type: Desktop humidor

If you’re looking for a more affordable large humidor cabinet, then look no further than this one from Mantello.

Out of all the large humidor boxes I’ve looked at, this one comes with everything you need to keep your growing cigar collection fresh. The Mantello humidor has enough space to store roughly 100 cigars, and comes with numerous features to put your mind at ease.

For starters, you get a built-in hygrometer, which is incredibly accurate.

The Spanish cedar removable tray makes accessing and organizing your cigars a breeze, and the wood helps to retain any excess moisture inside. You can also lock the humidor using a key, just what you need to keep your prized stogies safe and secure.

In terms of design, the bottom of the humidor is lined with luxurious felt. The Spanish cedar interior gives the Mantello a classic humidor look, and the brass hinges give it a rustic aesthetic.

One reason I think this is an amazing large humidor is that it can easily match with any kind of home decor.

The glass top allows you to see all your cigars inside. While it offers a limited capacity compared to other large cigar humidors, the overall dimensions are suitable enough to store a sizable cigar collection.

The Mantello is an excellent large humidor to give to someone, or set up in your home office.

Quality Importers Aging Vault

quality importers aging vault

Key Features

  • 1500 cigar storage capacity
  • Separate drawer for bulk storage
  • Spanish cedar finish
  • Built-in AC outlet for external devices
  • Individual spanish cedar drawers for aging


  • Dimensions: 17 x 34 x 50 inches
  • Finish: Walnut
  • Type: Cigar cabinet

As the name suggests, the Aging Vault by Quality Importers is one of the best large humidors if you want to age your cigars to perfection.

If you weren’t already aware, cigars are like fine wine – meaning they get better with age. That said, you need to keep them in the right conditions in order for them to age successfully.

That’s why you need to check out this massive cigar cabinet by Quality Importers.

The interior design is specialized so that you can age each cigar individually. This way, you can easily keep track of the progress of your aging stogies. As a result, you’ll be aging cigars just like a true manufacturer!

However, aging cigars in bulk can be quite confusing over time. Luckily, the Quality Importers Aging Vault makes it more straightforward to organize and hold your cigars than other large humidors.

There’s a separate compartment at the bottom optimized for bulk storage if you just need a place to keep your stash.

What’s more, you can attach external devices, such as a humidifier or digital hygrometer using the built-in AC outlet. If you want to start getting serious about collecting cigars, then you can’t go wrong with the Aging Vault by Quality Importers.

Medici HUM-400FL Footlocker

Medici HUM-400FL

Key Features

  • 400-500 cigar storage capacity
  • Beautiful wood coloring
  • Reliable Spanish cedar interior
  • 2 adjustable dividers
  • Lock/key mechanism


  • Dimensions: 16.34 x 11.78 x 16.12 inches
  • Finish: Rich mahogany
  • Type: Desktop humidor

The Medici HUM-400FL Footlocker is a large humidor you can appreciate for its beauty and elegant wood trim.

Out of all the humidor boxes mentioned in this list, the Footlocker is the only one that could easily blend in with the rest of your furniture.

Its robust design allows you to easily hold anywhere from 400-500 cigars. The tight seal ensures that all your stogies will remain fresh for as long as possible, and no pesky pests will infiltrate your humidor and munch on your cigars.

Inside there are actually 2 individual humidors, along with 2 dividers for easier organization.

The rich mahogany finish is nothing less than addicting to look at. You can really see the detail and passion that went into the woodwork for this humidor, and that just adds to the classic feel the design has to offer.

Being a desktop humidor, the Medici Footlocker is one of the best large humidors to start your growing collection. The premium quality wood and large storage capacity will make your life easier once you start taking cigars more seriously.

San Marco Large Cigar Humidor

San Marco Large Cigar Humidor

Key Features

  • 300 cigar storage solution
  • Antique-style brass handles
  • Lined with kiln-dried Spanish cedar
  • 2 large humidifiers
  • Brass nameplate


  • Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 27 inches
  • Finish: Wood
  • Type: Standing humidor

The design of the San Marco is unlike other cigar humidors we’ve spoken about.

It has the shape and style of an antique coffee table, making it incredibly easy to pair with the rest of your home’s decor.

The door has hidden quadrant hinges that make it easy to open and close this humidor, and won’t let any moisture escape once shut.

The brass on the San Marco is exceptionally elegant. It sports a nameplate where you can engrave your family name or anything you’d like right on your humidor. Meanwhile, the brass pulls have an antique design that’s easy to catch eyes.

Inside the San Marco, you have enough space to hold 300 of your favorite cigars. There are also 2 dependable built-in humidification system that make sure enough air and moisture circulate throughout the humidor.

The Spanish cedar coloring is outstanding, and the wood will help absorb any excess moisture that might make its way into your prized stogies.

The San Marco is one of the best large humidors you can get your hands on if style is one of your main priorities.

Are Large Humidors Worth It?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been collecting cigars for some time, there will come a day where you stash outgrows your humidor.

In other words, you’ll eventually need to invest in a larger humidor.

Although there are several other options, such as a humidor jar or large travel humidor, none are as presentable or elegant as a well-made large humidor.

Not only do large humidors give you the massive storage capacity you need to keep up with your growing cigar stockpile, they often are extremely stylish.

What’s more, the best humidors are made with reliable wood, such as Spanish cedar and mahogany. The wood adds to the overall look, feel, and functionality of your humidor. Meanwhile, wood can add to the flavor of your cigars over time.


Disadvantages of Large Humidors

The most apparent pitfall of owning large humidors is accommodating for their robust shape.

To put it lightly, you need a large room if you want to fit a humidor of this caliber. With that, a large humidor can require a lot more maintenance than a travel humidor or transparent jar you use for temporary storage.

You’ll need to be extremely proactive about seasoning and maintaining your humidor if you want it to work at its best. That said, many of these larger humidors come with reliable components, such as a humidifier and hygrometer to measure the temperature control and humidity control.

Finally, keeping your cigars organized in such a large humidor can be quite time-consuming. You’ll need to keep track of how long each stogie has been inside so you can age them properly.

However, this is part of the fun of becoming a more seasoned aficionado. You’ll learn a lot about the aging process and will eventually become a storage pro.


What To Look For When Choosing a Large Humidor

Since cigars age like fine wine, it’s crucial that they have the perfect resting place to ensure maximum flavor when it comes time to smoke them.

That said, choosing the right humidor for your cigars can be a daunting task. To make life easier, here’s a quick guide on what to look for when buying your next humidor.


1. Choose the Right Size

As you can see from the options above or if you’ve read through some of our other humidor guides, these containers come in various shapes and sizes. Even the large-scale humidors can vary in size, so it’s wise to know which one to choose for your specific needs.

In short, always aim to get a humidor that can hold more cigars than you account for. That’s because you never know how many stogies you’ll eventually own, so it’s better to have extra space rather than not enough room.

Moreover, having additional space allows for more airflow inside your humidor.

If your cigars are packed too close together, the temperature control and humidity control can alter and cause them to dry out or become too moist. As a result, you run the risk of damaging your entire stash if you stuff your humidor with cigars.

If you’re just starting out, a humidor with a 300 cigar count should be sufficient. Once you start to grow your arsenal, you can think about getting a larger humidor with a 1000+ count.


2. Think About the Type of Cigars You Want To Own

Apart from size, you should also consider the type of cigars you plan on storing and smoking.

As you may be aware, cigars range from mild, medium, and full-bodied flavor profiles. Many seasoned enthusiasts will tell you that mixing your cigars can alter their flavor. Therefore, it’s best to keep your cigars separate based on their flavor profile.

Luckily, most large humidors come with dividers that make it easier to organize your stash. You can place your mild stogies in one section and your full-bodied cigars in another. All your stogies will age nicely and will never affect each other’s flavor or aroma.


3. Keep Room Space in Mind

Given that these humidors are relatively large, you’ll need to keep your living space in mind before choosing one. If you’re going to invest in a massive standing cigar cabinet, then you’ll need to make sure you can fit it in your home, store, or office comfortably.

If you’re keeping your cigars at home, then desktop humidors are usually the best way to go.

They are large enough to store a sizable stash, but won’t take up too much space in your house. For those looking to open a shop, then you might want to consider a cigar cabinet. These robust containers stand tall and have beautiful glass doors that display all your stogies.


4. Better Materials Keep Cigars Fresh Longer

When you talk about the perfect cigar humidors, the first thing I think of are the materials. More specifically, what kind of wood is made from. You can find humidors with lively Spanish cedar with an elegant rosewood finish, or cases made from attractive dark mahogany.

The choice is totally up to your personal preference, but you want to make sure the materials are of the highest quality possible.

If you choose a humidor that’s cheaply made, chances are your cigars won’t have the protection they need to remain fresh. That said, you don’t need to always go with the most expensive option. There are numerous affordable large humidors that will last a lifetime if kept in good care.


5. Understand Expected Maintenance

Anyone who’s been collecting cigars for a while will tell you that a humidor can be high maintenance. You need to make sure it’s at the right humidity level, temperature control, and ensure no pests have infiltrated your stash.

If you can, make sure you find a humidor that comes with a digital hygrometer and humidifier. This way you can easily monitor the conditions inside. You’ll occasionally need to add distilled water to your humidor to keep up with proper air circulation. Remember to only use distilled water, as it doesn’t contain any compounds that promote mold growth.

Fortunately large cigar containers get easy to manage once you get used to it. Eventually taking care of your cigars and your humidor will become second nature.




How big should my humidor be?

The rule of thumb is to get a humidor that still has extra space to store future cigars. In most cases, you want to leave room for roughly 25-50 cigars on top of what you already have. If you have the extra space, you’ll never need to worry about investing in another humidor.


Can a humidor be too big?

A humidor can be considered too big if you have a relatively small stash of cigars. If you only plan on holding 20 cigars at a time, you don’t need to have a massive cigar cabinet that holds 1000+. The humidity won’t circulate efficiently, and your cigars won’t age properly.

For small stashes, you’re probably better off with a travel humidor or humidor jar. A humidor jar is a transparent container made from acrylic with an airtight lid. The Xifei Acrylic Humidor Jar is an extremely reliable choice for these kinds of containers.



The world of large humidors is growing, and there are so many amazing choices for evolving cigar aficionados.

Without a doubt, the Landmark by Prestige Import Group is one of the best large humidors on the market, and would be my top pick for this category.

It comes with sufficient space, has outstanding features, and contains dependable Spanish cedar inside.