9 Best Sweet Cigars That Taste Super Delicious

Updated: 2024

Fewer things in life can match the feeling of lighting and smoking a cigar with sweet flavors. There’s just something special about sweet cigars that make cigar aficionados jump for joy every time they get their hands on one.

Personally, my favorite is the Sweet Fat Molly by Drew Estate

I have a weakness for sweet Nicaraguan tobacco, and this cigar provides a sweet taste that I can never forget.

There are numerous other sweet flavored cigars that are worth checking out. I’ve taken the time to review all the best sweet cigars on the market. Below you’ll find nine sweetened stogies that cigar enthusiasts can’t get enough of.

Sam H.
Sam H.

Cigar Enthusiast

Sweets Fat Molly

Best Sweet Cigar

Sweet Fat Molly

  • Delicious tasting notes
  • Blended with fire cured fillers
  • Sugar-coated cap

It’s well made, has delicious tasting notes, and an unforgettably sweet flavor. It almost tastes exactly like the smokey flavor you get from good scotch.

Factory Smokes Sweet Churchill

Factory Smokes Sweet Churchill
  • Affordable
  • Sweet tipped a Habano wrapper
  • Mixed filler blend

Swisher Sweets

Swisher Sweets
  • Rich in sweet and savory notes
  • Affordable
  • Best for On-The-Go

9 Top Rated Sweet Cigars

Sweet Fat Molly (Best Sweet Cigar)

Sweets Fat Molly
  • Strength: Medium-Full
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: San Andres Mexico
  • Shape: Robusto
  • Flavor: Earthy/Woody/Smokey
  • Suitable for: Pairing with whiskey

The Sweet Fat Molly is by far the best sweet cigar out there. It’s well made, has delicious tasting notes, and an unforgettably sweet flavor. It almost tastes exactly like the smokey flavor you get from good scotch.

Combine that with the oak, hickory, and maple wood tasting notes, and you have one of the best naturally sweet cigars on the market.

You get the quality you would expect from other infused cigars made by Drew Estate. Perhaps the most distinctive element of this cigar is the taste of the fire cured tobacco. If you’ve never had fire cured naturally sweet cigars before, you’re in for a real treat.

Naturally sweet cigars from Drew Estate Cigars come with wrapper leaves from Nicaragua and Mexico. The spicy seed tobacco is harvested in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

If you’re a cigar lover that enjoys earthy flavor notes, then this sweet cigar by Drew Estate Cigars is worth checking out.

Factory Smokes Sweet Churchill

Factory Smokes Sweet Churchill
  • Strength: Medium
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Habano
  • Shape: Churchill
  • Flavor: Coffee/Nuts/Leather
  • Suitable for: Everyday Smoking

A cheap cigar can still be a great cigar, and that’s exactly where the Factory Smokes Sweet Churchill comes into play. It’s the perfect stogie for cigar smokers on a tight budget who still want to enjoy premium cigars.

What really sets this medium bodied cigar off is the sweetened tip with Habano wrapper. This element is what truly makes this a full flavored cigar that can satisfy even the most extreme sweet tooth.

Drew Estate did an excellent job with their blend of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco. You can get a box of these without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality, and that’s what makes the Factory Smokes Sweet Churchills one of the best options for sweet flavored cigars.

Swisher Sweets
(Best for On-The-Go)

Swisher Sweets
  • Strength: Mellow
  • Country: United States
  • Wrapper: Habano
  • Shape: Cigarillo
  • Flavor: Coffee/Chocolate/Creamy
  • Suitable for: Smoking on-the-go


Swisher Sweets are one of the most popular cigarillo brands in the United States. They are the flagship product of Swisher International Group, one of the biggest players in the cigar industry.

Originating from Jacksonville, Florida, these compact stogies are rich in sweet and savory notes. They are the perfect sweet cigar if you’re looking for something quick, tasty, and cheap. Moreover, Swishers provide an excellent smoking experience throughout the entire smoke.

Some of their top unique flavors include grape, cocoa, coffee, cherry, chocolate, and classic tobacco. You can also find a wide variety of cigar shapes and sizes within the Swisher collection. They have hand rolled cigarillos for regular smokers, and even wood tipped cigars for those looking for extra taste.

Camacho Scorpion Connecticut Sweet Tip (Budget Option)

  • Strength: Medium
  • Country: Mixed
  • Wrapper: Ecuador/Connecticut
  • Shape: Robusto
  • Flavor: Botanical/Spicy
  • Suitable for: Smoking on a budget

Camacho is a well-known cigar brand that is notorious for releasing stogies with bold flavors. The Scorpion Connecticut Sweet Tip cigar is no exception. You won’t be able to deny the amazing sensation on your taste buds after indulging in this sweet cigar. Camacho Scorpion offers the same outstanding quality you’d expect from many brands, but for a fraction of the price.

If you’re into bold and spicy flavor notes, then you’re going to love this medium bodied cigar by Camacho. The filler tobacco from Honduras is what really makes this cigar an excellent smoke. You can taste the spicy notes and smell the sweet la aroma de cuba with every puff.

The cigar uses a hybrid Ecuadorian and Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, which adds to the overall feel and flavor profiles this sweet cigar has to offer. Many cigar enthusiasts prefer a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper because it has superior leaf quality over other wrapper types.

Sweet Chunky (Best Sweet Petite Corona)

Sweet Chunky
  • Strength: Medium
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Ecuador/Nicaragua
  • Shape: Corona
  • Flavor: Coffee/Caramel/Vanilla
  • Suitable for: Medium bodied lovers

If strength, sweetness, and smoothness are your top priorities, you can’t go wrong with the Sweet Chunky Kentucky Fire Cured cigar. It’s hands down one of the most popular Kentucky Fire Cured stogies out there, and for good reasons.

For starters, the tobacco blend and Mexican wrapper taste absolutely amazing. What makes this cigar stand out is the sweetened tip. It pairs nicely with the bourbon and hickory notes you get from the tobacco blend. Moreover, this cigar produces such a sweet la aroma de cuba, you’ll want to bring it to the lounge with you every time you go.

The dark colored Mexican San Andres wrapper adds to the herbal flavors you get when you smoke a Sweet Chunky. Most of the sweetness comes from the tip and the blend of spicy Kentucky Fire Cured seed tobacco filler.

For cigar enthusiasts that are into Petit coronas, consider checking out the Sweet Chunky. You won’t regret it.

Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta (Best Medium Bodied)

Joya De Nicaragua Cabinetta
  • Strength: Medium
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Ecuador/Nicaragua
  • Shape: Belicoso
  • Flavor: Coffee/Caramel/Vanilla
  • Suitable for: Medium bodied lovers

Known for its creamy, dark chocolate flavors, the Joya de Nicaragua is one of the best medium bodied cigars you find. The Cabinetta is instantly recognizable by its dark coffee-colored Nicaraguan wrapper combined with the creamy Ecuadorian wrapper leaf. One puff of the Joye de Nicaragua, and you’ll immediately taste the vast array of sweet la aroma de cuba flavors hitting your palate.

If you’re a fan of medium bodied cigars that still pack a powerful flavor punch, then you’d fare well with trying a Cabinetta. Although it is a sweet cigar, it offers a wide range of different flavor profiles that make it well-rounded.

The hybrid wrapper tastes and feels absolutely amazing with every smoke, and the notes and flavors of the blend are honestly unforgettable.

Deadwood Sweet Jane (Best for Coffee Lovers)

Deadwood Sweet Jane
  • Strength: Mellow
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Connecticut
  • Shape: Corona
  • Flavor: Tobacco/Mocha
  • Suitable for: Lounge Smoking/Bourbon Lovers

Coffee flavors and cigars go together like macaroni and cheese, and that perfect combination is exactly what you get from the Deadwood Sweet Jane. The mouthwatering sweetness that hits your palate as you smoke this cigar is virtually unmatched compared to other stogies in this price range.

Meanwhile, it has a mellow strength that’s easy to enjoy for novice and seasoned cigar enthusiasts. The burn and feel of the Connecticut wrapper is extremely elegant and immersive.

The mocha and botanical spicy aroma that fills the air as you smoke the Deadwood Sweet Jane will make everyone else around you curious about what cigar you’re smoking.

While it’s a mellow cigar, it has the smell of la aroma de cuba and feel of a medium or full bodied cigar. I’d recommend this cigar if you’re smoking in a lounge, or want something that pairs nicely with your evening bourbon.

Backwoods Sweet Aromatic (Best Gas Station Cigar)

Backwoods Sweet Aromatic
  • Strength: Mellow
  • Country: Dominican Republic
  • Wrapper: Connecticut
  • Shape: Small Cigar
  • Flavor: Nutty
  • Suitable for: Smoking Outdoors

Who says you can’t find an absolute unit of a cigar at a gas station? Backwoods have been the go-to gas station cigar since 1981, and their outstanding reputation is justified. While they may not contain premium cigars like an Ashton aged Maduro or a stogie rolled by Pepin Garcia, you can still smoke a Backwoods and feel satisfied.

The original Backwoods cigars are packed with a classic nutty tobacco flavor that are perfect for smoking outdoors or on-the-go. What’s more, they are extremely small and easy to carry in your bag, backpack, or pocket.

With their mellow strength and delicious Dominican Republic seed tobacco, Backwoods go well during the day, after dinner, or just about anytime you’re in the mood to smoke naturally sweet cigars.

Rough Rider (Best Sweet Capped Cigars)

Rough Rider
  • Strength: Mellow
  • Country: Dominican Republic
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian
  • Shape: Churchill
  • Flavor: Classic
  • Suitable for: Churchill Lovers

Last but not least, we have the Rough Rider Sweet Churchill cigars. While these stogies aren’t full-bodied, they still have quite a high strength that some beginners may find to be “a bit much”. Nevertheless, if you like to feel the cigar you’re smoking, then you’ll love puffing la aroma de cuba on a Rough Rider.

Not only are they smooth, but they also have caps that are full of sweetness and flavor. The Ecuadorian wrapper truly adds to the overall feel and experience these stogies have to offer. Furthermore, the desirable Churchill shape allows you to enjoy the Rough Rider long enough to feel completely satisfied.

What To Look For When Buying Naturally Sweet Cigars

1. Quality

You can typically tell a cigar is high-quality if it’s handmade and contains long filler tobacco. If possible, always try to find the best quality cigar within your budget. While better quality cigars are usually more expensive, you can still find decent cigars without breaking the bank.


2. Flavor

One of the best things is that they are jam-packed with delicious flavors. You can easily find one that perfectly matches your palate.Some of the most common flavors include vanilla, nuts, spices, and even cedar wood.


3. Size

Size is an important factor to consider when choosing a sweet cigar. The larger and thicker the stogie, the longer it will take to finish. Choose thick cigars if you don’t mind taking your time, and thinner cigars if you want to smoke quickly.


What Cigar Is the Sweetest?

While the sweetness level of a cigar can vary from brand to brand, the Sweet Fat Molly tends to be considered the sweetest cigar around. That said, there may be some lesser-known cigar makers that have developed a sweeter cigar, and we just haven’t discovered it yet.

You can usually find an extremely sweet full bodied cigar from manufacturers in Cuba, Nicaragua, and other parts of Central and South America.


Are There Any Naturally Sweet Cigars?

As you can see from the list above, there are cigar variations you can obtain right now. Every brand offers a unique twist to their stogies. Whether it’s sweetness level, cigar size, or different flavor notes, every cigar has its own story for you to uncover.

Personally, I would recommend trying out a few different types to see which one matches your personal preferences. Then, you can stick to one brand, or occasionally go out and try something new.


What Is the Best Tasting Cigar?

There is no definitive best tasting cigar, because it solely depends on personal preference. That said, there are a few brands that are well-known in the cigar community for having outstanding flavors.

Some of the most premium brands include:

  • Arturo Fuente
  • Padron
  • Olivia Monticello
  • San Cristobal

If you’re getting cigars from any of the brands above, you can almost bet that they are going to be some of the best tasting stogies you’ve ever got your hands on.


How Can You Tell if a Cigar Is Sweet?

If you want to tell if a cigar will be sweet, you’ll need to tune into all of your senses. You can start by smelling the la aroma de cuba cigar to see if you can pick up on some of the sweet flavor notes. Feeling the cigar to see how thick it is could tell you what it will be like when smoked.

Finally, the best way to discover the flavor of a cigar is to light it up and start smoking. Only then can you truly taste all the sweet flavors inside the tobacco.


Trying your hand at cigars that are sweet can be extremely exciting, especially if you’re bored with the classic tobacco flavor. Nonetheless, make sure you find a sweetened cigar that matches your personal preferences.

The Sweet Fat Molly is my recommendation for the best sweet cigar.

The naturally sweet cigars above aren’t listed in any particular order (except Fat Molly is number one for being the best overall), so feel free to give any of them a try.