All You Need to Know About Cuban Cigars In Canada

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Cuban Cigars In Canada
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Cuban cigars are famed for their delicious flavors, high-quality tobacco, and exclusivity. Cigar smokers around the world love getting their hands on premium Cuban cigars – including Canada. However, can you legally buy Cuban cigars in Canada?

In short, you can legally purchase Cuban cigars in Canada, but there are a few factors you should be aware of. Here at Cigar Amigo, we’ve taken the time to lay out everything you need to know about buying and smoking Cuban cigars in the Great White North.

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Cuban Cigar in Canada

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Cuban cigars are notorious for being illegal in the United States. These restrictions are partly why they’ve become so popular. However, it’s legal to buy Cuban cigars in Canada. You just need to make sure to smoke them while you’re there and don’t bring them back to the United States.

If you get caught with an illegal cigar, you could end up having to pay a hefty fine. As a result, it’s best to follow the law and enjoy your Cubans while in the country.

Are Cuban Cigars Available in Canada?

You can find Cuban cigars for sale online and in smoke shops throughout the country. Many people buy their Cubans online, but you need to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable source. Far too many shops sell counterfeit Cuban cigars, and it can be tricky to tell the difference before smoking them.

How Much Does a Box of Cuban Cigars Cost in Canada?

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Cuban cigar prices can be quite high in the country due to taxes. In some cases, you can expect a 300% markup on a box of cigars compared to what you would pay in Cuba. That said, you can still find top Cuban brands for sale at reasonable prices.

The average cost per stick is around $25 CAD, making a box of 25 go for roughly $625. While the price might seem high compared to other cigar brands, you can ensure that they are of high-quality Cuban standards.

Yes, Cuban cigars and other tobacco products are legal. Unlike the United States, Canadian and Cuban trade relations didn’t alter during the Castro regime. Trade remains steady and getting cigars, rum, and other Cuban goods are well within the law.

Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal in Canada?

While the cigars themselves aren’t illegal, it’s against the law to transport them across the border as Cuban cigar is illegal in US. However, this wasn’t always the case. It used to be legal for American citizens to buy Cuban cigars online and in other countries and bring them back. That all changed in 2020 under the Trump administration.

Now Americans can’t simply go to a nation where they are legal and bring them back to US soil.

Can You Ship Cuban Cigars To Canada?

Laws regarding shipping can be a bit complex since each province has its own regulations when it comes to the shipment of tobacco products. Any cigars that have a health warning need to be authorized by the FDA before importation.  This rule goes for all nicotine products, not only cigars.

Cuban Cigars From Canada to US

It is illegal to ship or carry a cigar from Cuba into the United States. However, that doesn’t stop companies from shipping Cubans across the border into America. Many websites offer the sale of Cubans to US citizens at much higher prices.

That said, it’s not advised to buy from these websites if you’re in the United States. Not only is it illegal, but you can’t guarantee the cigar you’re getting is actually authentic.


Canadians love a fine cigar like everyone else. There’s just something about tobacco from Cuba that’s so desirable. While it is legal to buy Cubans in the Great White North, be ready to pay higher prices in taxes. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure that you’re getting them from a dependable source, and avoid those selling counterfeits.