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The Fat Bottom Betty is an edgy, sophisticated cigar with a unique flavor profile & sweetened tip for an adventurous smoking experience.

You can pair your Fat Bottom Betty with coffee or whiskey to enhance the sweetness & subtle notes for a truly satisfying experience!

In this comprehensive Fat Bottom Betty cigar review, you’ll discover the fascinating story behind this medium-bodied cigar, its eye-catching artwork, and the exciting flavors that await you.

So grab your lighter and let’s embark on a flavorful journey with Fat Bottom Betty!

First Impressions: Unwrapping the Fat Bottom Betty Cigar

fat bottom betty cigar

Upon unwrapping the Fat Bottom Betty cigar, you’ll be greeted by a sleek wooden box containing ten chunky 5″ cigars, individually wrapped for freshness.

The eye-catching pirate-esque artwork on the box and individual cigars adds an element of intrigue and excitement to the presentation. As you take out one of these beauties, you’ll notice the stunning dark brown Connecticut Maduro leaf wrapper, sleek and smooth to the touch.

The oily wrapper leaf is a testament to the quality of the tobacco used in the Fat Bottom Betty cigar. While this oily characteristic might make lighting the cigar a bit challenging, it rewards you with a stable and consistent burn once lit.

Now let’s dive deeper into the artwork and design, as well as the Connecticut Maduro wrapper that makes Fat Bottom Betty so enticing.

Artwork and Design

fat bottom betty single

The artwork on the Fat Bottom Betty cigar box and individual cigars is truly captivating.

The sleek, burgundy wooden box features the Fat Bottom Betty logo, giving it a cool and edgy vibe. The inside of the box is a light brown hue, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to the presentation. But that’s not all; this stylish box also functions as a humidor, ensuring that your cigars remain fresh and ready to smoke.

Each cigar within the box is individually wrapped, showcasing the unique and eye-catching artwork that represents the spirit of Fat Bottom Betty.

The artwork is a reflection of the wild woman inspiration, adding a sense of adventure and excitement to your smoking experience with infused cigars.

Now that we’ve admired the artwork, let’s explore the characteristics of the Connecticut Maduro wrapper.

Connecticut Maduro Wrapper

The Connecticut Maduro wrapper on the Fat Bottom Betty cigar is a sight to behold.

This stunning, dark brown leaf is sleek, smooth, and harbors the oils from the tobacco leaf, giving it a gorgeous sheen.

However, this oily characteristic can make lighting the cigar a bit of a challenge. But fear not, once you’ve managed to light it, you’ll be rewarded with a steady and consistent burn throughout your smoking experience.

The Connecticut Maduro wrapper is an incredibly versatile type of tobacco, darker than standard Connecticut wrappers. It is made from aged leaves that undergo a natural fermentation process, resulting in a smooth taste and mildly rustic texture.

This wrapper not only adds a visual appeal to the cigar, but also contributes to the rich and complex flavor profile that Fat Bottom Betty has to offer.

Tasting Notes: The Flavor Journey of Fat Bottom Betty

The flavor journey of Fat Bottom Betty is a true testament to its status as a premium cigar.

Its flavor profile progresses from sweet to outdoorsy, with notes of baking spices, maple, leather, and pepper. As you smoke this delightful cigar, you’ll experience a range of flavors that will keep your palate engaged and excited.

From the sweetened tip to the final third, let’s explore the tantalizing flavors of Fat Bottom Betty, including the popular fat bottom betty gordito.

Sweetened Tip and Initial Flavors

The sweetened tip of the Fat Bottom Betty cigar is a feature that divides opinion among smokers. As you take your first puffs, the sweetness of the tip fades, revealing the full effect of the cigar’s blend.

This subtle sweetness makes Fat Bottom Betty ideal for beginners seeking a medium-bodied cigar with a warm, creamy, and balanced flavor profile.

The initial flavors of Fat Bottom Betty cigars are a delightful mix of sweet cocoa, spicy Nicaraguan pepper, earthy goodness, and maple. With each draw, you’ll be treated to a wonderfully balanced combination of flavors that are both comforting and intriguing.

As you progress through the smoke, the flavors continue to evolve, taking you on a journey of discovery.

Mid-Smoke Transitions

As the smoke progresses, the flavors in Fat Bottom Betty transition from sweet to outdoorsy, unveiling hints of baking spices, maple, leather, and black pepper.

This exciting shift in flavors adds a layer of complexity to the smoking experience, keeping your taste buds engaged and intrigued.

Some of the flavors you can expect to uncover during the mid-smoke transitions include nutmeg, coffee, and faint floral notes. These flavors blend beautifully with the initial sweetness, creating a harmonious and satisfying smoking experience that will leave you eager to explore the final third of this captivating cigar.

Final Third and Conclusion

The final third of the Fat Bottom Betty cigar delivers exciting flavors of maple, cinnamon, and dark roast coffee.

As you reach this stage, the spicier and more intense flavors take center stage, providing a memorable conclusion to the smoking experience.

The flavor journey of Fat Bottom Betty is truly exceptional, taking you on a rollercoaster ride from sweet to outdoorsy, with a satisfyingly complex finale. Each puff brings a new discovery, making this cigar a must-try for those seeking a unique and engaging smoking experience.

Smoking Experience: Burn, Draw, and Duration

My smoking experience with Fat Bottom Betty was nothing short of enjoyable.

The even burn and true draw made for a delightful journey from start to finish, lasting around 45 minutes.

The spicier section around 35 minutes in added a touch of excitement and complexity, leaving me thoroughly satisfied as I reached the end of the cigar.

Lighting and Burn

Lighting the Fat Bottom Betty cigar can indeed be a bit challenging due to the oily wrapper.

However, with a little patience and the right technique, such as using a torch lighter or soft flame and rotating the cigar to ensure an even light, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible smoking experience.

Once lit, the burn of the Fat Bottom Betty cigar is even and consistent, requiring no touch-ups or relights throughout the smoke. This stable burn allows you to fully enjoy the flavors and complexity of the cigar without any distractions, making for an enjoyable and hassle-free smoking experience.

Draw and Smoke Production

The draw of the Fat Bottom Betty cigar is true and consistent, allowing you to take in the delightful blend of flavors with each puff.

The good smoke production adds to the overall enjoyment of the cigar, creating a pleasant and immersive atmosphere as you indulge in this premium smoke.

The smooth draw and ample smoke production allow you to fully appreciate the complex flavor profile of Fat Bottom Betty. With each draw, you’ll be treated to a symphony of flavors that will keep your palate engaged and excited, making this cigar a truly memorable experience.

Duration and Ideal Smoking Time

The Fat Bottom Betty cigar offers a smoking experience that lasts around 45 minutes, making it ideal for those looking for a longer smoke time.

This duration allows you to fully enjoy the flavors and complexity of the cigar, providing a satisfying and leisurely smoking experience. For more insights, check out our betty cigar review.

To maximize the smoking time of the Fat Bottom Betty cigar, it is highly recommended to take slow and steady draws, and to avoid puffing too quickly. By doing so, you’ll prolong the life of the cigar, allowing you to savor each and every flavor this delightful smoke has to offer.

Pairing Recommendations: Enhancing the Fat Bottom Betty Experience

To further enhance your Fat Bottom Betty smoking experience, consider pairing the cigar with coffee or whiskey.

These beverages can bring out the natural sweetness and complex flavors of the cigar, elevating your smoking experience to new heights.

Beginner Pairings

For beginners who want to keep the sweetness of the Fat Bottom Betty cigar, it is highly recommended to pair it with a cup of coffee.

This pairing will bring out the natural sweetness of the cigar, making it even more enjoyable and satisfying for those new to the world of cigars.

The coffee will also help to bring out the subtle notes of the cigar, such as the hints of cocoa, nuts, and spices. This will give the cigar a more complex flavor profile, making it even more enjoyable for those who enjoy smoking.

Experienced Smoker Pairings

Experienced smokers looking to explore the more complex flavors of the Fat Bottom Betty cigar should consider pairing it with whiskey, coffee, or a dark beer.

These beverages will complement the flavors of the cigar, such as the notes of cinnamon and wood, and create a harmonious and exciting smoking experience.

Discovering Fat Bottom Betty Cigars

Fat Bottom Betty cigars are a delightful product of Deadwood Tobacco Company, a company that has joined forces with Drew Estate to create a line of premium cigars that will surely entice your senses.

This medium-bodied cigar is perfect for those who want to move on from mild cigars and explore a more flavorful option without being too aggressive. So, are you ready to dive into the world of Fat Bottom Betty cigars?

Deadwood Tobacco and Drew Estate’s collaboration has resulted in a collection of delicious cigars, including the popular Fat Bottom Betty cigar and the Betty Robusto, made at Drew Estate’s factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Known for its toasty tobacco aroma, Fat Bottom Betty is inspired by a wild woman who lives life on her own terms in South Dakota, embodying the spirit of deadwood fat.

Let’s explore the exciting world of Deadwood Tobacco and Drew Estate, as well as the inspiration behind Fat Bottom Betty.

Deadwood Tobacco and Drew Estate

The collaboration between Deadwood Tobacco and Drew Estate is truly a match made in cigar heaven.

These two companies have worked together to create a line of premium cigars, including the popular Fat Bottom Betty, which is produced by Deadwood Cigars at the Drew Estates factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

This partnership has resulted in a fantastic cigar line that offers a unique and exciting flavor experience for cigar enthusiasts.

Deadwood Tobacco Company is a part of Drew Estate, a renowned name in the cigar industry. Known for their creative blends and innovative approach, Drew Estate has truly revolutionized the cigar world.

Fat Bottom Betty is a testament to their expertise, combining a dark and oily Maduro wrapper with aromatic and exotic tobaccos to create a cigar that offers a natural sweetness and a rich, full-bodied smoke.

The Inspiration Behind Fat Bottom Betty

The story behind Fat Bottom Betty is as unique and exciting as the cigar itself. Inspired by a wild woman living life on her own terms in South Dakota,

Fat Bottom Betty embodies the spirit of freedom and independence that characterizes the American West. This inspiration is beautifully represented in the cigar’s flavor profile and presentation.

Expertly handcrafted at Drew Estate’s famed factory in Nicaragua, Fat Bottom Betty cigars combine a dark and oily Maduro wrapper with a blend of aromatic and exotic tobaccos that bring out the natural sweetness of the cigars.

The result is a cigar that captures the essence of a cigar revolution, offering a one-of-a-kind smoking experience for those who dare to explore the world of Fat Bottom Betty.

Comparing Alternatives: Other Cigars to Consider

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Fat Bottom Betty cigar, consider Kuba Kuba from Acid Cigars for wild flavors or Nicaragua N5 from Cohiba for consistency.

However, I truly believe that Fat Bottom Betty offers a unique and enjoyable smoking experience that is well worth trying, especially for those ready to graduate from mild cigars to a more flavorful option.


In conclusion, Fat Bottom Betty is a truly exceptional cigar that offers a unique and exciting flavor journey, from the sweetened tip to the complex and intense final third.

The collaboration between Deadwood Tobacco and Drew Estate has resulted in a cigar that is both visually stunning and packed with flavor.

With its even burn, true draw, and ideal duration, Fat Bottom Betty is a must-try for both beginner and experienced smokers alike.

So, why not treat yourself to a Fat Bottom Betty cigar and experience the captivating flavor journey that awaits you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fat Bottom Betty cigar infused?

No, Fat Bottom Betty cigars are not infused!

They have a flavored cap that gives them a taste similar to that of an infused cigar, but they are still all-natural tobacco.

So light up and enjoy a real Cuban-style smoke without the infusion!

What flavor are fat bottom Betty cigars?

Experience a unique flavor journey with Fat Bottom Betty cigars!

This 5” x 54 robusto is packed with sweet cocoa, peppery Nicaraguan spice, earthy goodness, maple, nutmeg, coffee, faint florals and incense.

Enjoy the complex and delightful flavor of Fat Bottom Betty!

Where are Fat Bottom Betty cigars made?

Fat Bottom Betty cigars are crafted in Nicaragua, where expert cigar rollers use premium-grade tobaccos to ensure each and every cigar is of the highest quality.

Get ready to experience intense flavor with this Nicaraguan masterpiece!

Who owns Deadwood cigars?

Vaughn Boyd is the proud owner of Deadwood cigars, crafted through his partnership with Drew Estate.

Drawing from his deep understanding of tobacco and passion for premium cigars, he created an amazing blend that has become renowned throughout the cigar world.

The blend is a combination of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

This combination creates a smooth, medium-bodied smoke with notes of cedar and leather.