An Aficionado Guide’s to Gas Station Cigars

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When people think of cigars, they usually think of Al Capone, Cuba, or luxury cigar lounges. However, there’s an entire world of gas station cigars that are affordable and enjoyable. While they may not be the most lavish options, you can still find decent brands at gas stations.

Cigar Amigo has taken the time to research the best gas station cigars out there. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know everything there is to know about popular gas station cigars. You might be pleasantly surprised about how many affordable brands you can find at your local gas station.

Let’s get into the best gas station cigars!

Gas Station Cigars

gas station cigar

Surprisingly enough, the music industry has increased the demand for gas station cigars. Many singers, rappers, and celebrities have been seen smoking a gas station cigar, which could be the reason why gas station cigars are becoming more popular.

For example, Grammy award-winning singer Rihanna is extremely adoring of the popular gas station cigars Dutch Masters.

That said, not all celebrities frequent gas stations to get their stogies. Many still enjoy premium brands since they have the money to afford them. Needless to say, the music industry has influenced the popularity of many gas station cigar brands.

Do Gas Stations Sell Cigars?

Do Gas Stations Sell Cigars

Not all gas stations and liquor stores sell cigars, but most offer well-known cigar brands. Many people regularly buy cigars at the gas station since it’s convenient and affordable. Sure, you probably won’t find premium cigars from Romeo Y Juliet, but there are usually plenty of tobacco products to enjoy.

You should know that some gas stations will offer more cigar brands than others. So, be sure to check out numerous gas stations for the most variety.

How Much Are Cigars at Gas Station

How Much Are Cigars at Gas Station

The best gas station cigars hold that title because they are affordable and pack bold flavors. They are typically sold in small packs of 1-5 cigars. Most will go for around $10 a pack, but you can sometimes find a good gas station cigar for under $1.

The cost will depend on the brand and gas station you’re shopping at. Already, these gas station cigars cost way less than traditional cigars found at your local cigar shop.

Types of Cigars at Gas Stations

Types of Cigars at Gas Stations

The best gas station cigars usually come from affordable brands like Swisher Sweets, Black n’ Mild, Dutch Masters, and Backwoods. These affordable cigars are popular throughout the United States, and are found at most gas stations, liquor stores, and convenient stores.

 That said, the type of cigars available will depend on your location and which gas station you’re shopping at. You may also find other tobacco products, such as cigarillos, cigarettes, and pipe tobacco.

Best Gas Station Cigars Brands

Best Gas Station Cigars Brands

Here are the best gas station cigars that are widely available:

Dutch Masters

Dutch Masters

Dutch Masters is by far one of the most popular flavored cigars sold at gas stations. Their popularity is mostly due to their prevalence in pop culture and how widely available they are. Virtually every gas station in the United States sells Dutch Masters.

gas station Dutch Masters cigars

Moreover, Dutch Masters offers a vast array of different flavors. They are an excellent choice for the cigar aficionado that wants to taste a traditional cigar without breaking the bank. Cigar smokers may also enjoy the cigarillos produced by Dutch Masters. They are typically sold in packs of 3, making them a fantastic option for the weekend cigar smoker. 

Black n’ Mild

gas station Black n' Mild cigars

Black n’ Milds are instantly recognizable by their wood tips. The brand was founded in 1968 by the John Middleton Company, and reached its peak popularity in the 1990’s after consistently releasing new cigar flavors. Meanwhile, Black n’ Mild cigars are still considered one of the best options found at your local gas station.

Some people consider it an excellent first cigar due since Black n’ Milds are packed with sweet flavors and are incredibly easy to smoke. They also offer the same classic taste found in traditional cigars. Black n’ Mild cigars are also affordable and widely available in the United States.

Garcia Y Vega

gas station Garcia Y Vega cigars

Some people avoid most gas station cigars because they just don’t offer the same flavor as conventional stogies. However, some brands produce an outstanding smoking experience. Garcia Y Vega is no exception.

While you may not be able to find them everywhere, they are often considered the best gas station cigar when they are available. These affordable cigars are made from Cuban seed filler, and usually sold in a pack or individually.

They are machine made, and come in a wide variety of styles.


gas station Villiger cigars

Villiger cigars are often considered the best machine made cigars on the market. It’s one of the few cigar brands to come out of Germany, but these cigars are smoked worldwide. Villiger cigars also contain Cuban seed tobacco filler, giving them a good taste and smooth burn.

While not all gas stations will carry Villigers, these cigars are worth a try if you’re able to find them.

Convenience Store Cigars

Convenience Store Cigars

Like gas stations, convenience stores are also a common place to find a good cigar for cheap. You may not find a luxury brand on the shelves, but there are still various cigars, cigarillos, and tobacco options to choose from.

Do Convenience Stores Sell Cigars?

Do Convenience Stores Sell Cigars

Convenience store owners have taken notice of the growing popularity of cigars. As a result, they’ve started adding stogies to their inventory. Most convenience store and gas station cigars cost the same, making them an easy and cheap option for cigar lovers.

Best Convenience Store Cigars

Best Convenience Store prime time little Cigars

Some of the top convenience store cigars include:

  • Prime Time Little Cigars. It’s hard to go into a convenience store without seeing Prime Time Little Cigars. These small cigars smoke beautifully and are packed full of flavor. The brand offers a wide range of flavor options,  but the fruity ones are the most popular.
  • Arango Sportsman. These machine made cigars are widely known for their mild flavor. Some cigar smokers don’t like the sweet flavor found in most cheap cigars, making Arango Sportsman a viable alternative. 
  • Macanudo. Macanudo cigars are actually considered high-quality, making them stand out from other affordable cigars on the shelves. However, they are an excellent cigar option if you don’t want to smoke low-quality cigars.
convenience store Macanudo Cigars

What Makes Gas Station Cigars Different?

What Makes Gas Station Cigars Different

The biggest difference between premium cigars and stogies sold at gas stations is the storage method. A premium cigar brand will place their cigars in a plastic wrapper in a proper humidor to maintain freshness. A gas station cigar may never see the inside of a humidor, making them less fresh and desirable for cigar enthusiasts.

That said, many machine made cigars smoke perfectly fine. You just won’t get the quality you would get from a premium cigar brand.

What To Look For When Buying Gas Station Cigars

What To Look For When Buying Gas Station Cigars

The features to look for when shopping for a gas station cigar depends on your preferences. Most people buy a cigar from a gas station because it’s easy and the brand is affordable. Try to find a cigar that offers the flavor you crave.

If you want a more classic cigar taste, aim for a more mild brand. For those that prefer the fruity flavor, consider getting cigars from Dutch Masters or Swisher Sweets.

You should also look at how many come in a pack. If you like to smoke cigars regularly, you should probably look for a pack of 5 or more.

Are There Any High-Quality Gas Station Cigars?

Are There Any High Quality Gas Station Cigars

Most people don’t go shopping for high-quality cigars at gas stations. The reason being is that a machine made cigar usually uses low-quality fillers. The primary benefit of gas station cigars is that they are quick, easy, and inexpensive.

If you want to find a fine-grade cigar at your local gas station, your best option would be Macanudo. They are the closest you will get to premium cigars sold at specialty stores or lounges.


Finding the best cigars at gas stations boils down to which flavors you like and how you smoke. If you want a cigar with a mild flavor that smokes properly, you can usually find them at drugstores, gas stations, or corner stores.

With that in mind, the growing popularity of cigars has caused gas stations to diversify their inventory. We may find more options available in the near future. Hopefully this article has answered any questions you may have had about gas station cigars.

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