8 Considerations Before You Store Cigars In Plastic Wrappers

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how long do cigars last in plastic wrapper
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Keeping cigars fresh is both a science and an artform. A seasoned cigar aficionado understands the importance of prolonging the freshness of premium cigars, so they can be enjoyed for several years. Many cigar smokers use plastic wrappers to keep their stogies moist and flavorful, but how reliable are they?

So, how long do cigars last in plastic wrapper? We’ve provided a detailed analysis about this topic for our readers at Cigar Amigo. Continue below for what to consider before storing your cigars in plastic.

How Long Do Cigars Last in Plastic Wrapper

storing cigars with or without cellophane

Cellophane wrappers can keep a cigar fresh for about 30 days. The cigar will start to lose its moisture after this time, since the cellophane wrapper will allow air to get inside.

As a result, it’s not recommended to use cellophane wrapper as a long-term storage method. They can be useful for new cigars or if you’re repairing your humidor, but that’s about it.

Should you store cigars in wrapper or not?

Many premium cigars come in plastic wrap so they can stay fresh while in transit. However, that doesn’t mean you should store them in a wrapper once they arrive. If you’re a cigar smoker that likes to smoke your stogies right away, plastic wrapper may be a viable storage method.

However, you should transition them to your humidor if you want to build a collection of fine cigars. Doing so will allow you to enjoy your tobacco for several months or even years. 

Do wrapped cigars go bad?

cigars in plastic wrappers

There is no right or wrong answer since it will depend on your personal preference. In short, wrapped cigars typically go bad after about a month. That being said, they’ll stay fresh if you plan to smoke them within the one month time window.

However, keeping them wrapped in plastic will eventually cause them to dry out and lose their flavor profile. If you want to protect the taste and quality of your stogies, it’s best to keep them in a wood humidor. 

Wood humidors retain moisture in the tobacco and prolong the freshness of the cigars inside. This method will ensure your cigars last as long as you need them.

How long will cigars last in original packaging?

cigars in original packaging

The traditional method cigar makers used to transport their stogies was to use plastic wrap. However, many brands are now delivering their cigars in cardboard boxes for easier delivery and prolonged freshness. The box storage method also made it easier for governments to track and charge tax on imported tobacco goods.

Today, cigar boxes are the norm and have even become a novelty for collectors.  These boxes make the cigars stay fresh for roughly six weeks. After that, it’s best to move the cigars to a humidor so they can age and retain their delicious flavor.

Do You Store Cigars in Wrapper in Humidor?

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As you might know, a humidor is the best place to keep cigars if you want them to age properly. That’s because humidors are designed to mimic the suitable conditions cigars need to stay fresh. Most cigars can last in a humidor for several years and still taste amazing.

However, what if you keep the cigars in a wrapper while also placing them in your humidor? Keeping them wrapped while in your humidor is totally fine. In fact, many cigar smokers do this to ensure their stogies retain humidity. 

Moreover, this is an excellent method if you plan on taking the cigars with you in the upcoming days. The plastic or cellophane will protect them when you take them out of the humidor. 

Should you take cigars out of the plastic in a humidor?

The only reason for removing the plastic before placing your cigars in a humidor is if you want to start the aging process sooner. Like fine wine, high-quality stogies get better with age. The plastic can help retain humidity, but it may prevent your cigars from aging – and fewer things match the feeling of when you inhale an aged cigar.

Storing Cigars in Cellophane

One of the most common questions is what the difference is between plastic and cellophane wrappers. Cellophane is made from natural organic materials. Plastic is typically made from oil. Both materials can help keep cigars fresh, but they will eventually let air inside since they are porous.

Should you store cigars in cellophane or not?

Like plastic, you can use cellophane to keep your cigars moist for the short term. However, you should consider removing the cellophane once you transport your stogies into your humidor. Although cellophane helps retain humidity, it will stop your cigars from aging and can hinder their taste.

Cellophane cigar wrappers

Cellophane cigar wrappers are useful if you smoke as soon as you buy at the local shops or purchase your cigars legally online. Other than that, they should only be used for short-term storage.

How long will a cellophane wrapped cigar last? 

Both cellophane and plastic will keep a cigar fresh for about 30 days. After that, they will go bad, its difficult to rehydrate a completely dried out cigar if not placed in a wooden humidor. However, you can keep the occasional cigar in cellophane if you plan to smoke it right away.


Storage is perhaps the most vital factor of being a cigar smoker. Without storing your stogies properly, you’ll find yourself with dry and bitter cigars that are virtually impossible to enjoy. Plastic and cellophane are useful materials for keeping cigars moist, but only work for about a month.

There are other ways you can keep your cigars moist. Some people use a ziplock bag filled with Boveda packs. That said, a wooden humidor is the best method for long-term storage.