10 Classy Ways To Hold A Cigarette

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ways to hold a cigarette
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There’s just something classy about smoking, especially if you hold your cigarette a certain way. While many people may not be aware of it, the way you hold your smokes can say a lot about your personality. 

Here at Cigar Amigo, we took the time to look into all the ways to hold a cigarette and look good while doing it. Continue reading below to learn how to hold a cigarette properly.

How to Hold a Cigarette

how to hold a cigarette

Hold the cigarette between your middle finger and index finger for the classic position. You want the cigarette to be right in the middle of both knuckles with your palm facing the ground.

This is by far the most popular position for smoking cigarettes. It’s straight forward, comfortable, and makes you look like a well met character. That said, this is only the classic way of holding cigarettes. 

There are various other positions you can use to help display your personality traits. 

Here are some other ways to make smoking cigarettes look classy and cool.

Ways to Hold a Cigarette

You may notice that smokers have different styles when holding their cigarettes. Moreover, “cigarette psychology” was a popular study during the 1950s. While most people are unaware of how they smoke, the way they hold their cigarette could tell a lot about their character.

At the same time, holding your cigarette a certain way can help add to your personality. Without further ado, here are the most popular ways to hold a cigarette.

1) The Classic

holding cigarette between middle and ring finger

By far the most common position, the classic involves holding the cigarette between your index and middle finger. Although this position doesn’t say much about who you are, it’s comfortable and easy to replicate.

You can use this style as a starting point if you aren’t comfortable holding your smokes in other positions. Eventually, you can transition to a style that better matches your character.

2) The Delicacy

The Delicacy

If you hold your cigarette between your middle finger and ring finger, you’ve mastered the art of smoking with delicacy. Although this position is a bit uncomfortable and generally unreliable for smoking on the go, it shows that you’re someone that enjoys high living.

When people see you gently grasping your cigarette between your fingers, they will see that you have unmatched confidence and elegance. The far from typical grasp on the tips of your fingers is sure to attract others.

3) The Intellectual

The Intellectual

If you hold your cigarette in a flat hand between your index and middle fingers, you’re likely an intellectual that likes to explore what the world has to offer. Many writers adopt this style since it’s easy to hold your cigarette while typing. 

People smoke like this because they like to get things done while enjoying their cigarette. You may not know it, but you’re probably a very brainy type of smoker.

4) The Sailor

Do you find you keep your cigarette in the corner of your mouth the entire time you smoke it? If so, you’ve mastered what is called the sailor technique. Not many people are capable of smoking with this style, so it does a great job of showing your resilience and displays impressive levels of self-assurance.

5) The Comfortable

If you like to hold your smokes between your index finger and thumb, then you definitely enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Holding a cigarette with your index finger and thumb allows you to use your other fingers freely.

As a result, you appear as a highly-skilled person that likes to get things done one step at a time.

6) The Rocker

If you hold your smokes between the web of your index and middle finger, you’ve adapted the Rocker method. Chances are you’re the controversial one in your group, but in a good way. You like to test the limits of the system, and you show it by holding your cigarette in such a unique manner.

Holding your smokes like this is a massive personality trait, since it’s technically not a practical way to smoke. However, defying the laws of society is what you’re about and that’s what makes you awesome.

You’ll find that a lot of rock stars like to hold their cigarettes like this, proving that it’s one of the best ways to rebel against conformity.

7) The Nervous

Many people resort to a cigarette when they’re nervous. It makes sense considering that nicotine can provide a sense of comfort for a tense individual. You might fall into this category if you hold your cigarette between your thumb, index, and middle finger.

While holding cigarettes like this can feel comfy, it might allow the cigarette to burn your hand. So be careful if this is your method.

8) The Secure Smoker

The way you hold cigarettes can say a lot about your confidence. A more contemplative character might change their finger position as their smokes burn, but not those who prefer this style. If you hold your cigarettes between your middle finger and ring finger, you enjoy living life in an assured fashion.

This style showcases that you have everything sorted in life, and you’re confident in who you are. It’s the kind of method you would picture the Texas millionaire type using.

9) The Casual

If you’re a multitasker that likes to enjoy cigarettes while performing essential tasks, then this method might be perfect for you. It involves holding the cigarette between your middle finger and index finger firmly between each knuckle.

You may see people smoking cigarettes with this method while drinking at the bar, writing their thesis, or walking the dog. There are no limits when people hold their smokes with this style.

10) The European

Smoking has been a part of European culture for centuries, so it’s only natural that they have their own style. Although it’s not a common style around the glove, it’s elegant and makes you come across as cultured and sophisticated.

To achieve this style, hold your cigarettes between your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Your palm will be facing your cigarette, making it easy to control your position while smoking. Most people like this method as it makes it easier for smokers to enjoy a cigarette in the rain.

What About Vapes?

Vapes and e-cigarettes have exploded in popularity since the early 2010’s. They are loved for their unique flavors, cool technology, and thicker draws.

The best way to hold a vape depends on the device’s delivery system. A skilled person might have the self control to hold it anyway they please, but every vape has an optimal position. For example, top coil vapes can be used vertically or horizontally where bottom coils should rest upright in use. 

How to Hold a Cigarette in Your Mouth

The way you hold your smokes in your mouth can affect the drag and overall smoking experience. Puffing too aggressively could lead to a strong and unpleasant draw. However, puffing too lightly may prevent you from enjoying your smokes.

Here’s how to hold your cigarette in your mouth with self control. A skilled person might have the self control to hold it anyway they please, but every vape has an optimal position. For example, top coil vapes can be used vertically or horizontally where bottom coils should rest upright in use.

Press Your Lips Around the Tip of the Cigarette Gently

For a clean draw, gently place your lips around the tip of the cigarette ensuring there are no gaps where air can flow in. Try and puff on your cigarette around once or twice every minute to prevent it from getting too hot or burning out.

Don’t Stick It Too Far Into Your Muzzle 

Many people hold the cigarette too far into their jaws, causing an unpleasant experience. Instead, place the cig about an inch inside, and you should be able to get a decent draw. If you pit it too far in, you could get a sudden choking feeling in your throat.

Never Bite Down

Although it might be tempting, try not to ever bite or chew your cigarettes while smoking. Many smokers do this, but the filters of cigarettes contain chemicals that are bad for your teeth.

How to Hold a Cigarette Like a Man

While gender doesn’t restrict you from smoking a certain way, men and women tend to have their own distinctive style of holding cigarettes. For instance, many men tend to hold their smokes between their index finger and middle finger.

Some guys prefer the European style, grasping their cig with their thumb and index finger. It’s likely because this demonstrates impressive levels of sophistication. Moreover, it makes men adopt the assured fashion most are looking for.

How to Hold a Cigarette Like a Woman

Like men, women tend to hold their cigarettes a certain way. For the most part, many women smoke the traditional way of grasping their cig between the knuckles of their index and middle finger. However, some ladies prefer to adopt a more female mannerism when they smoke.

For example, some women prefer holding their smokes with their middle and ring finger. You’ll see this when women are hanging out together or on a female bored on a first date.

Although ciggies have a widespread bad reputation due to their health effects, they have been, and still are, a big part of our culture. People smoke socially where others don’t mind lighting one up alone. No matter the reason a person chooses to smoke, it’s safe to say that it’s still prevalent in our society.

Before people fully understood the danger of inhaling tobacco, there were a large number of smokers worldwide. Over the years, it was understood that the way someone smokes could be related to their personality.


Many don’t think too much about the way people hold their smokes. However, you can see from the information above that it can say a lot about your personality. At the same time, certain positions might make it easier to perform other tasks while you enjoy your cig.

Try and pay attention next time you or someone you know starts puffing on their ciggy. See if it matches their personality based on the information in this article.