Justin Richards

Justin Richards is the founder of cigar amigo. Justin has been in the cigar industry for over 10 years & light his first cigar at the age of 20. He was born in Louisville Kentucky but raised in Orlando Florida where he attended college at Rollins College with a BS degree in Computer Science.

Cigars have been his passion since the first time he decided to pick one up at this little lounge that he used to visit with some friends. It all began on one particular night where two of his buddies were having bad days so they wanted to get out of their rut by going out to their favorite bar. They would spend a few hours there, have a couple of drinks and it usually does the trick. On that particular night however, they felt especially inspired to get a little more creative with their activities for the night.

They came up with the idea that they should smoke cigars. Now Justin was not necessarily an avid fan of cigars at the time; he had tried them before but never actually carried one around in his mouth like everyone else seemed to do. As soon as they arrived at the lounge and walked in through those doors, he was hit by a wave of cigar smoke coming from every direction. It was almost intoxicating how much smoke filled up that room; needless to say they were having fun! They spent about 45 minutes there hanging out and smoking cigars, it was a fun time.

As they left that night, he felt as if something was drawing him back to this place frequently. This feeling grew stronger and stronger with every visit to the bar and Justin has been in love with cigars ever since.

A cigar is like an old friend, it never fails you and its always there for you when you're down in the dumps.
- Justin

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