Expert’s Guide to The Value and Prices of Old Cigar Boxes

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Any seasoned cigar lover typically has dozens of empty boxes after adding stogies to their collection. While some people use old cigar boxes to store pens, coins, or junk materials, some antique cigar boxes can hold some value.

Cigar Amigo has taken the time to look into the value of antique cigar boxes to discover their worth and how to go about selling them. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have a few ideas of what you can do with a cigar box after putting your stogies in your humidor.

Value of Old Cigar Boxes

Value of Old Cigar Boxes

Old cigar boxes are often sought after by collectors, especially if they are cigar lovers.  That said, what exactly is the value of an old cigar box? Well, it depends on a wide range of factors, such as condition, materials, and historical value.

It’s also possible that your old cigar boxes aren’t worth reselling, and instead can be used as an extra storage container. Let’s take a closer look at how to value an old cigar box.

Vintage Cigar Boxes Value

Vintage Cigar Boxes Value

Cigar boxes weren’t the norm until the Revenue Act of 1864. This act required manufacturers to package all their cigars in boxes for distribution in the United States. The cigar market started booming a few decades later, and manufacturers started adding unique styles to their boxes.

As a result, collectors worldwide now look for antique cigar boxes. The materials, styles, conditions, and age of a box can drastically influence its value.

How Can You Tell How Old a Cigar Box Is?

How Can You Tell How Old a Cigar Box Is

One of the first things you want to do to determine the value of an old cigar box is to find out how old it is. Knowing the box’s age could indicate whether or not it’s a collectible. That said, dating a cigar box can be a little tricky.

Some boxes that are over 100 years old but are kept in good condition can look like they were made last year. The best way to approach this is to see how the box was made.

For example, cigar boxes with stone lithograph labels were likely made sometime between 1884 and 1910. If yours has an embossed label, you know that it was created after 1884.

The easiest way to tell the age of a cigar box is to check for a copyright date below the label. This is the date the cigar box label was copyrighted and registered with the government.

Are Old Cigar Boxes Worth Anything?

old cigar box

In short, the value of antique cigar boxes can range between $5 and $5,000. The age, materials, or historical value will greatly influence how much a collectible cigar box will be worth. For example, nailed wood cigar boxes tend to be the most popular for antique collectors.

These boxes contain six pieces of nailed wood and can typically carry around 50 cigars. Due to their reputation within the community, they are considered a high-quality collectible.

The best way to determine if your old cigar container is a collectible is to learn as much as you can about when it was crafted and packed, what materials it contains, unique art, and if it has any historical significance.

How Do You Preserve an Old Cigar Box?

How Do You Preserve an Old Cigar Box

No matter what kind of cigar boxes you have, they will be worth more if kept in good shape. For example, antique cigar boxes made from mahogany wood and sterling silver that have suffered from mold or water damage will be less valuable than similar cigar boxes in better shape.

Luckily, removing mold or mildew from vintage cigar boxes is exceptionally easy. You should also keep any antique cigar boxes with moldy wood away from your cleaner boxes.  Monitor your boxes regularly and keep them in a room with optimal conditions for the wood.

Cigar Boxes Value

Other than being sold as treasure to collectors, antique cigar boxes can be used for a wide range of things around the house. Since the majority of cigar boxes won’t be considered treasure, here’s what you can do to make them useful.

What Can You Do With Empty Cigar Boxes?

There are various ways you can make use of antique cigar boxes. With a little creativity and time, you can convert your antique cigar boxes into useful items to use in your daily life. Here are some of the most common ideas:

  • Key Holder. Most people throw their keys into a bowl or the abyss of their sofa when they get home. However, keys are extremely easy to misplace. It’s incredibly easy to convert antique cigar boxes into key holders, and can be done in a matter of minutes.
  • Stationary Holder. Do you find yourself always running out of room for stationary items? If so, consider using an old cigar container. You can easily get pens, pencils, markers, plastic bags, packed into a cigar box.
  • Guitar. This one is a little far-fetched, but bare with us. Containers designed for cigars can actually make amazing guitars. All you need is the old box, some wood for the neck, and guitar strings. While it may not be the best quality guitar out there, it surely makes an awesome decorative piece that’s bound to spark conversations.

Rare Cigar Boxes

rare cigar boxes

Some cigar boxes that hold historic value or were from a rare line of cigars can be incredibly valuable. There’s a massive market for rare cigar containers, and they can be worth thousands of dollars. Many of these boxes contain intricate art designs carved into the wood. You may also find containers that packaged custom cigars for a famous aficionado.

Cigar Box Labels Price Guide

Boxes for cigars are known to have exceptionally detailed labels. This has created a niche market of people that collect these small pieces of paper. You’ll find numerous companies advertising that they have labels from the early 20th century.

Depending on the brand, these labels tend to go for anywhere between $1 to $100. If you’re going to pay a good chunk of change on a label, make sure you search for a reputable seller.


The world of cigars never seems to disappoint. There’s always something fascinating to get involved with as a lover of cigars.  Remember, the value of cigars and their boxes typically depend on the brand, when they were packed, and what condition of the wood.