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There’s nothing else in the world that compares to lighting up a fine cigar inside a private club. Whether it’s the luxurious ambiance of the cigar lounge, exotic beverages, or friendly staff, there are countless reasons to enjoy having a cigar club membership.

Cigar Amigo has looked into the best cigar lounges in the United States and around the world. We’ve provided a great selection of clubs based on popularity, social events, and cigar collection.

Continue reading below to learn about the best private cigar clubs so you can start living the good life.

What Is a Private Cigar Club?

In short, a private cigar club is a place where members can smoke cigars – along with other cigar aficionados. It’s also a safe haven for club members to enjoy their cigars without any public discrimination or limitations. 

What makes a private cigar club different from a cigar bar is that usually a membership is required. Moreover, they tend to host club events and offer perks to members.

You’ll likely find humidors stacked to the ceiling with premium cigars, an assortment of alcohol, friendly staff, and members smoking cigars and enjoying nice conversation.

When Did They Start?

Private Cigar Club Smoking

While private cigar bars have been around for several years, they didn’t start getting popular until the 1990’s. This is the era where cities and countries around the world started banning smoking inside public establishments.

As a result, members of the cigar community started creating their own private locations catered to people who smoke. However, many only permit people to smoke cigars inside and don’t allow cigarettes or other tobacco products.

Complete List of Private Cigar Clubs in the US

Although private cigar lounges aren’t as popular as they used to be, there’s still a great selection of clubs in the United States. That said, the clubs below are legit establishments that offer a classy experience to their members. Unfortunately, we can’t include every cigar lover that has a make-shift cigar club in their basement.

 Here’s the top cigar clubs in the US:

Casa De Montecristo – Chicago, Illinois

cigar club Casa De Montecristo - Chicago, Illinois

The Casa De Montecristo is one of the most prestigious cigar clubs in the Midwest. They offer their members a personal humidor with premium cigars, a theater room, business conference room for private meetings, and exclusive access to the cigar lounge.

With all those amenities included in their membership, it’s no surprise that Casa De Montecristo is one of the best cigar clubs in the United States. The cigar lounge is furnished to the highest standards, and is located in a peaceful Chicago community. It’s the perfect hangout spot for friends or business associates that love smoking cigars.

The membership certainly isn’t cheap, but is an excellent value for money. Once you’re a member, you can enjoy every aspect of the Casa De Montecristo cigar club.

The Ozio Lounge – Washington, DC

cigar club The Ozio Lounge - Washington, DC

It’s safe to say that the capital of a cigar loving nation deserves a premium cigar club. The Ozio Lounge in Washington, DC is a breathtaking establishment designed and run by cigar smokers. The building has 6 bars with their own unique design. Such variety makes it the perfect cigar club for all types of individuals.

The Ozio Lounge reserves the top 2 levels for its VIP members, and the bottom 2 for the public. The VIP access is obviously more expensive, but it comes with a vast array of features that make it worth every cent. However, you’re more than welcome to try the public access first to see if it’s worth becoming an exclusive member.

Other than having an extensive collection of premium cigars, the Ozio Lounge also caters delicious meals to customers. It’s a fantastic place to spend time with friends, family, or business associates. One of the privileges of being a member is getting to enjoy discounts on meals, drinks, and cigars. 

Macanudo Club – New York City, New York

cigar club Macanudo Club - New York City, New York

New York City is known for its high-end retail shops, Broadway musicals, and thriving cigar community. The Macanudo Club perfectly embodies the New York cigar scene with its extravagant interior and  fine-grade cigar collection.

It’s a comfortable club to hang out at for cigar smokers and non-smokers alike. You can spend a romantic evening or casual afternoon at the Macanudo Club. They serve an extensive menu of delicious foods and fancy cocktails.

For the décor, the Macanudo Club uses lush leather sofas and a contemporary ventilation system to make the aura extremely relaxing.

You don’t need a membership to enjoy the Macanudo Club, but it’s recommended that you book a reservation in advance. Be sure to bring a decent amount of cash with you as the food, drinks, and cigars can quickly add up.

Furthermore, be sure to dress appropriately. Although the Macanudo Club is open to all types of people, they do have a pretty strict dress code.

Cigar Masters – Boston, Massachusetts

cigar club Cigar Masters - Boston, Massachusetts

Cigar Masters in Boston started out as a casual coffee shop suitable for cigar smokers. Eventually, they transitioned into a full-on cigar lounge.  Today, Cigar Masters is considered the best cigar club in town.  Moreover, it’s been awarded as one of the best cigar clubs in the country by Cigar Aficionado magazine.

If you’re in Boston and want a comfortable environment to enjoy a good cigar, then Cigar Masters is worth checking out. You can enjoy the tranquility they create  with their comfortable furniture and contemporary style.

What’s cool about Cigar Masters is that they don’t rely on press or social media to get new club members. Instead, the majority of their business is created by word of mouth. That goes to show how much people in town  enjoy a visit to Cigar Masters.

Grand Havana Room – Beverly Hills, California

cigar club Grand Havana Room - Beverly Hills, California

We couldn’t talk about the best cigar clubs in the US without mentioning the Grand Havana Room. Located in the world-famous Beverly Hills, the Grand Havana Room is considered one of the most exclusive cigar clubs in the country.

They have some of the most exclusive club members, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Sylvester Stallone. There’s a cigar club in New York City with the same name, but the Beverly Hills location is the most prestigious.

The club has a massive glass humidor packed with some of the best cigar brands available. It’s truly a cigar smokers paradise. That said, you likely wouldn’t even notice the club, as the only way to get in is via  a private elevator.

It’s a members only club, and the fees to join are high to say the least. With that in mind, the club offers some of the best features you can imagine. Becoming a member is totally worth it if you have the budget.

The United States isn’t the only country to cater to its cigar smokers. There are numerous exclusive cigar lounges around the world that are rich in history, culture, and classy cigar smoking club members.

Here are some of the most popular cigar clubs around the world:

Monty Cristo – Dubai, UAE

cigar club Monty Cristo - Dubai, UAE

There’s no better combination than smoking a fine cigar and playing golf. That’s where the Monty Cristo club in Dubai comes into mind.

For starters, Dubai has quickly become one of the top destinations for the wealthiest members of society. So, it’s safe to say that they know how to cater to the elite.

Members and guests can enjoy playing a round of golf, then spend their afternoon or evening relaxing at the Monty Cristo cigar lounge. Not only do they have a wide cigar collection, but they also offer single malts, cognacs, and other classy cocktails for your enjoyment.

If you’re interested in the Monty Cristo, it’s located at The Address Montgomerie Dubai.

Cigar Cloud Nine – Abu Dhabi, UAE

cigar club Cigar Cloud Nine - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Another popular exclusive cigar club in the UAE is Cigar Cloud Nine located in Abu Dhabi. Not only is this establishment a well-known cigar club, but it’s also one of the most popular champagne bars in Abu Dhabi. It’s one of the best places to spend an afternoon or evening with friends, family or colleagues.

The relaxed environment and delicious cuisine are noticed immediately after you walk in. They also have live piano available every week from Monday to Saturday. The musical element can bring a sense of tranquility as you puff away on your favorite cigar brands and enjoy a nice glass or champagne.

While it might not be the most affordable club available, it’s worth every penny if you desire world-class sophistication and a classy cigar smoking experience.

The Ritz Garden Pavilion – London, United Kingdom

cigar club The Ritz Garden Pavilion - London, United Kingdom

The Ritz Garden Pavilion in London is considered one of the most exclusive cigar clubs in the world. Anybody who’s somebody in town has either visited or is a member of this classy establishment. If you’re a cigar smoker that enjoys the element of sophistication, then you’ll get a kick out of the Ritz Garden Pavilion.

The club has a humidor that extends from the floor all the way to the ceiling. Inside are some of the most fine-grade cigars the world has ever seen. Combine that with the elegant British style and smooth cognacs, you have the perfect environment for a cigar smoker.

Tynska Bar and Books – Prague, Czech Republic

cigar club Tynska Bar and Books - Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most awe-inspiring cities in Europe. Most people admire the preserved architecture, vibrant nightlife, and friendly locals. Old Town is where you’ll find most of the historical buildings, including the Tynska Bar and Books cigar club.

The lounge has deep British design influence along with an extensive library of leather-bound books. The menu hosts a vast assortment of whiskeys, cocktails, beers, and meals available to guests and members.

You can’t help but feel like you’re in a James Bond film while visiting the lounge with all the suits, cigars, and eccentric personalities that walk the place. Tynska Bar and Books is one of the best places for cigar smoking in town, no matter your background.

The Wellesley Cigar Terrace – London, United Kingdom

cigar club The Wellesley Cigar Terrace - London, United Kingdom

The Wellesley Cigar Terrace is another popular lounge in London. Here, you can enjoy a fine cigar, premium beverage, and one of the best views of London available. The humidor inside the terrace is chock-full of some of the best cigars ever made.

They offer a combination of Cuban cigars along with a few other choices from different parts of Central and South America. If you don’t know which cigars to smoke, the Wellesley Cigar Terrace has an on-site humidor expert to give you top-notch recommendations.

One reason many enjoy this cigar club is because the staff truly takes care of its members. You can spend a nice Saturday smoking fine cigars and enjoying quality social time with other members.

Le Bar Kleber – Paris, France

Cigar Club Le Bar Kleber - Paris, France

A cigar lover can’t go to the City of Light without checking out Le Bar Kleber inside the Peninsula Hotel. Nestled just a few blocks away from the Eiffel Tower, Le Bar Kleber is an excellent place to smoke a nice cigar and sip on a smooth drink.

Moreover, the lounge respects the privacy of their customers. They have a discreet operation, so you can use it as an unbothered oasis when you need to wind down. Customers can also store their cigars in a personal locker. If you didn’t bring your own cigars, you can select from the premium options available in the humidor.

The Redmoon – Beijing, China

cigar club The Redmoon - Beijing, China

Like Cigar Cloud Nine in Abu Dhabi, the Redmoon is both a restaurant and cigar club. That said, they have a massive section designated to cigar smoking only. At the bar, you can find virtually any high-quality whiskey, wine, or cocktail you can imagine.

One thing that makes this club unique is the Oriental vibe. They constantly play Chinese music and the whole interior has an East Asia style. The club is also open both day and night, which is not the norm for cigar clubs.

The Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge – Dusseldorf, Germany

Cigar Club The Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge - Dusseldorf, Germany

The Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge is one of the largest cigar bars in Germany. The luxurious décor and outstanding service has won this club numerous awards over the last few years. The inside is an extremely relaxing place to wind down and smoke a fresh stogie.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll notice how clean the bar area is. From floor to ceiling, every piece of furniture is spotless. If you’re in Dusseldorf, be sure to contact The Capella to book a spot.

Library Bar – Dubai, UAE

Cigar Club Library Bar - Dubai, UAE

The Library Bar in Dubai is most known for its stunning interior. The place is full of deluxe leather sofas, chairs, and rows of bookshelves (hence the name). Furthermore, the menu is strictly dedicated to cigars only. The amount of choices feels like Christmas for any cigar lover. 

However, you can get a food and drink menu if you’re feeling parched or hungry. They serve some of the best Arabic food in Dubai, along with numerous cocktails and full-course Italian dishes.

You can also find a beautiful golf course nestled right on the beach. Some claim they could spend an entire week at Library Bar without getting bored.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Cigar Club Membership?

Benefits of Getting a Cigar Club Membership

With all these amazing lounges for cigar smoking around the world, what are the actual benefits of joining? Well, it depends on what these establishments offer to their associates. For the most part, here’s what a reputable cigar club will offer to its subscribers:

A Relaxing Environment

A private cigar club usually charges an annual fee to join. In return, you get a relaxing and undisturbed setting to smoke your cigars. Moreover, you’re allowed to bring your own cigars, and don’t need to purchase them from the in-house humidor (also known as  a “cutting fee”). Your annual fee allows the store to operate a profitable business while allowing you to smoke whichever stogies you please.

In short, a cigar club is a private getaway designed for peaceful smoking. They often have cutting-edge ventilation systems to keep the air clean, opposed to smoking in your home or backyard.

Cigar Storage

Any reputable private cigar club will also have a controlled locker where you can store your prized cigars for later. They will also usually offer reduced prices on drinks, stogies, and food if you have a membership.

Social Interactions

One reason many cigar smokers love going to the club is for interacting with other cigar lovers. It’s a similar vibe you’d see on a golf course. People chatting away without a care in the world as they puff on their favorite stogies.

What’s more, many people love to trade cigars. This activity is a fantastic way to broaden your knowledge on different brands and flavors. Smokers are usually more than happy to give you a recommendation if you’re looking for a new stogie or cigarillo to try.

Is It Worth It?

Private Cigar Lounge

The true question for any cigar lover is whether it’s worth paying the membership fees to join a club. There is no definitive answer, as it boils down to personal choice and lifestyle. If you plan on visiting lounges regularly, then the cost of joining should pay itself off in less than a year. That accounts for all the discounted drinks and not having to pay the cutting fee. 

That said, it may not be worth the annual fee if you only plan on going a few times a year. You’re better off paying for the cigars in-house and enjoying the smoking experience as a guest.

The best way to determine whether you want to join a club is to try it out a few times and see if it’s right for you. If you feel like you could smoke your cigars there once a week, then it might be worth joining.

It’s also important to note that every club has different fees, benefits, and rights for subscribers. So, be sure to contact the staff and ask about the club rules and guidelines before signing up.


As you can see from the information above, the world is full of high-quality lounges for cigar smokers to enjoy their passion. Some are more private and opulent than others, but all have the same goal of providing a comfortable place in town for people to smoke and have a good time.

The lounges above are among the most popular worldwide. You can also search online for cigar bars in your city to see the options. Don’t forget to contact the staff to see what benefits you get by becoming an associate.